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Re: OATS Recovery 2
Dec 24, 2008
You women make me feel so lazy!! I am single, no kids and can't imagine making food for 30 people. Kris is amazing with her 5 kids and all their activities. And Margaret and Kim - you guys are amazing too. That's probably why my foot is so good - no kids, husband to take care of...... you can blame your foot woes on them!

It's interesting Margaret that you and Diane both have clicking in your ankle - I hope it's just scar tissue and not loose cartilage! I would be really bummed to have another surgery but at least encouraged to know they are going to have a good look at what's going on in there and can clean it up. And yeah, recovery nothing like OATS so hopefully it won't be too bad.

I remember ice skating before I knew what was wrong with my ankle and it was painful! And I couldn't do a hockey stop at all. Skiing had some pain but was much better so I hope that's true for you Margaret and you will have a blast! Burbon and Tylenol? That's a desperate Dr. although it doesn't sound 1/2 bad. I have to admit - I fell in gymnastics and had a near dislocation of my elbow and when I went home the pain got so bad I almost went to the ER. My brother-in-law gave me Advil with Bailey's to wash it down and I did feel much better...:D Not a long-term solution though .... :dizzy: Let us know when you have a surgery date.

Kim - There are times when exercising that my achilles still feels stiff and I was only in the boot/cast 4 months. So I can imagine how stiff yours is! At 4 months out I remember my entire foot was killing me - like I had walked 30 miles on sharp rocks so I wouldn't be too concerned the outside of your foot is hurting. I have this tendon on the inside/bottom of my foot from my big toe joint that still pops and feel irritated at times. Don't feel like you 'have' to be off cructhes - you're doing very good!

Diane - I'm crossing my fingers you get all this insurance stuff sorted out. That would be a great Christmas gift!

Kris - Can't even tell you how jealous I am you're going to Hawaii!! I'm really happy for you. If you see a 'Lost' cast member, will you get an autograph for me? :D

It's been cold at work so I put this space heater by my feet and it got my nerves going yesterday. :eek: My 4th and 3rd toes are numb but they itch from the inside sometimes. I tried scratching them yesterday but with no feeling, I couldn't find the itch - ahhhh!! Otherwise, my knee has recovered from driving a few weeks ago but it took a good week to feel better. I didn't exercise for about 10 days but ate Christmas goodies anyway and now I feel really flabby! My sister's family is here for Christmas and we have a cabin reserved overnight that you x-country ski into. I'm really looking forward to that. I know you guys will understand this. I've been really protective of my foot these last few years because it would stab me all the time. So now I'm 'stomping' the snow off my foot carefully but .... there's no pain ... and then I carefully kicked some snow off my wheel well and ..... no pain .... So all these things I wouldn't do because it hurt too bad I'm trying in baby steps and so far so good! This is getting really long so better go!

Have a wonderful,blessed Christmas all of you!

Abby :angel:

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