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Re: PTTD Recovery
Apr 24, 2009
Smile - good to hear from you! I reached 6 months post-op on 4/7. At this point, my foot is feeling pretty well most of the time. Still can't do too much walking or stationary standing - both seem to induce swelling and a dull, throbbing at times, aching that I can't ignore.

I remember my first few weeks after surgery in October - I kept hoping that the post surgery pain would end being worth it in the end because it was a HARD recovery for me - and I had been dealing with the pain for years!

I still find that my big toe is slightly numb - I continue to do the exercises I learned in PT to strengthen it and it helps some - not a lot. One thing I just posted about in another thread and that has been bugging me is that my toenail on my big toe seems to be growing out from the bottom - it looks like I am going to lose it, fortunately there does seem to be new growth underneath. I am not really all that concerned about it as much as curious - do you think this could be from nerve damage/lack of blood flow to the toe post-op? Would it make sense for this to happen now? Hmmm....

On my doctor's scale of recovery, I am now in the 75-95% range, with a small room to get a lot better for the rest of the year - I just hope to keep strengthening and building up my ankle and leg that were so favored for years.

I am able to do the upright bike at the gym and the elliptical slowly. I can not yet do a single toe raise on my left ankle, nor can I push off were I to really try for running - jumping jacks are also out : ). So from my end - I am able to do more and more - one thing that has helped a lot is an exercise from my PT with a leg press (very low weights) and walking my feet down to the bottom of the press so just the top of my feet touch the base - and doing calf flexes- I developed a bit of a calf weakness and I feel as though strengthening it has helped me overall.

As for you veterans of PTTD surgery - how are the rest of you? How long did it take you to achieve a single toe raise - to jump - to dash off? I am trusting my ankle each step of the way here : )

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