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I'm new here. Five and 1/2 weeks ago I had a tendon transfer, navicular removal and calcineal slide from PTTD stage 2.5, pain when walking more than 15 min. I read a bunch of posts here before my surgery on 12/10, and I need to thank you all because it helped me understand what would happen, and put my mind a bit more at ease. My goal is long term function (from 1 year from now for then next 30 years) so I'm not so concerned with near term issues or the looks of the scar.

I am a young 62 and had noticed how sedentary my life had become. I'm not an althlete but I did love rollerblading, hiking in the woods for hours, shopping, museums, travel... all of these I had stopped doing...

To make a long story short.... So while I was gonna be laid up NWB for 6 weeks, I decided to have my hammertoe done too (which I'd wanted for 12 years), and surgeon said to do that he had to do bunion too. So my foot had 6 cuts, but never even hurt much after the surgery.

I did have a complication hahaha I fell! not on the foot, but 10 days after surgery, on my sits bones and must have sprained my rotator cuff/shoulder, and after 2 weeks with the walker my shoulder was bad... anyway, I've had xrays, cortisone shot, taking taxi, and finally rented a "knee walker" which is a great little vehicle (google it).

I have a few questions. (My surgeon doesn't talk much between visits.) I'm wearing a Darth Vadar velcro boot and NWB. This Friday after 6 weeks, I'll see surgeon and begin 2 weeks of weight bearing with crutches, then 4 more weeks of weight bearing w/out crutches.

1. Do you think I'll wear something other than this big boot? What did you wear after the boot/brace?
2. When did you start wearing larger sized sneakers? shoes?
3. Did your doctor say after recovery, you'll still have to wear orthotics? If so, all the time, or only during sports and activities?
4. Did your doctor say you could wear Dankso/Sanita clogs? I haven't worn shoes without orthotics for 12 years, and the past 5 years went from less and less choices of shoes til finally I was in only sneakers. I'm dying to wear some cute shoes and sandals. I hated not wearing sandals the past 2 summers. Will my arch collapse if I don't wear orthotics? ... Of course I'll be asking the surgeon and my podiatrist the same questions, but I'm dying to know about shoes.
5. Do any of you know about long term study results for PTTD calc slide + tendon repair surgery? Like after 10-20 years? I've read all over the web, but recent long-term studies are sparse.

I went to Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, where the foot/ankle dept does a lot of these. Dr. Stuart Miller says he does several a week, this is now their "bread and butter" / very common surgery.

thanks, and all the best of 100% healing to you all!

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