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Hey everyone, long time since I've been on here! It's amazing to see how many people have found this board now, certainly helps with the surgery when everyone can talk about it.

How are you all going???? It sounds as though you are all recovering well from your surgery or looking at going in for surgery relatively soon. The bunion doesn't sound to fun though - but two surgeries in one is best to get it all fixed and on the road to recovery. High heels.... mmm that one will take a very long time by the sound of most people.

I'm not sure what I last posted but thought I'd give you all an update. In July 2007 I injured my left foot and had great difficulties with any sort of sports and walking in general. I was diagnosed with Sesamoiditis within the same month and all the non-srugical interventions began (cortisone injections, crutches, stoping all sport, boot, heat, ice, strapping - the whole lot). It came to the point where I had to quit all sports, dancing and running. Safe to say nothing was working and I went in for surgery in November last year. Instead of taking the bone completely out the rounded it off, put in a screw and bone grafted around the sesamoid area. Following surgery, I was on non-weight bearing orders for 8weeks but after that found myself walking again in sport shoes with next to no pain. I have to admit, the recovery wasn't exactly easy and there were times when i questioned if I had done the right thing but looking back now, Im sure I did.

I got a little concerned with my foot earlier this year and mentioned it to the surgeon who took an xray and said the screw needed to come out. I knew it had to come out eventually but it's grinding on another bone in the joint and apparently needs to come out relatively soon before it potentially does and damage. At the same time, I also mentioned to him that I had pain in my right foot (the good one). He insisted it was just pain from compensating for the left foot while I was walking but after a few complaints he sent me for an xray and CT scan and believe it or not .... I have sesamoiditis in BOTH FEET!!!! Not what I wanted to hear but theses things happen. My surgeon here hasn't seen a case of Sesamoiditis in an 18year old, let alone seeing an 18year old with Sesamoiditis in both feet! I was sent to see another couple of surgeons who have seen a fair few of these cases and they say my right foot is worse than the left and needs to be operated on. I was supposed to go in for surgery in April but couldn't due to work and study committments, so I'm in for surgery later this year (they are doing both feet at the same time - so I said to all the college kids that we could have wheelchair races - got to look at some of the positive things, right).

In the meantime, by February I was walking in sports shoes with minimal pain. I still have to put my feet up of a night time (sometimes with ice packs) but that could also be because I'm back running again. The surgeon said that he didn't want me doing any physical activity again until after the next lot of surgery cause I can make both feet worse but I figure I haven't done any sport since August last year and miss it dearly! And whats the harm in doing some sport (and possibly making things a little worse) if they still have to do surgery to fix it anyway... So as far as my surgeon knows, I'm not doing anything other than work [hehe], though I find myself running 5days a week! Initially, after the surgery I didn't think I would be able to walk again without pain, let alone run! I do nearly 4km each day (up and down hills with stairs) and it feels great, though a little sore towards the end of the week. Don't get me wrong - it absolutely kills to run on the feet but once you push through the pain barrier its all ok. Still have to work on the high heels!!!

For all of you out there! Listen to your Dr or surgeon about non-weight bearing for the first 4-8weeks and take it from there. 2months after the surgery I was walking in joggers and 4months following surgery I was jogging. Now, nearly 7months on, I'm running again. Still not able to dance and can't wear any pretty shoes but I know in time, the high heels will return.

Keep all your chins up and stick through the recovery, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. GOOD LUCK GUYS. Check back soon. :)

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