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Hi guys, I'm back ..3 days post op..

Friday 6 Feb 09 - Day 0 - surgery in the morning - I was neaseaus and was warded the entire day in hospital. Was on the drip. Didn't remember having any pain. Perhaps it was because I was on pain killers.

Later the doctor discovered that it was those v strong pain killers that made me neaseaus. I was off pain killers the next day

Saturday - Day 1 - Discharged from hospital by noon. No pain but could not stand or walk partly because of the bandages and those DARCO shoes they made me wear were simply impossible to balance in. It's those DARCO shoes where you walk on your heels.

Sunday - Day 2 - I could walk a little. I used those DARCO shoes and balanced myself using a walking frame. My feet were noticably more swollen and I could see blue black blood clots under the skin of my ankles

Monday - Day 3, which is today - no change but feeling much better as I get used to getting around

I'm glad I got the right doctor.

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