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I have osteoarthritis (hallux rigitis) on one foot and bunion on the other. I need to go for surgery for both.

I'm wondering if I should do it one at a time, or both at the same time

If I do it both at the same time I only need to go for GA once and stay in hospital once. I also reduce the number of days I'm off work and the cost of surgery will be slightly cheaper.

The only drawback is of course I will have 2 painful feet for the first couple of weeks.

I'd like to know if anyone of you has gone for bunion surgery on both feet. (hallux rigitis surgery is about the same as bunion surgery) and how did you manage right after surgery

I had both feet done at the same time. Had horrible bunions plus hammer toes, so it was major work as the toes had to be realigned and the bunions removed. Went into the hospital one day, had it done, came home the next day and threw my pain pills away. Now, the first day in the hospital, I had a drip of some sort for the pain and when that was taken away, I asked for ONE pain pill. The dr. had me fill a prescription for pain pills for when I came home and the directions were to take two at a time. If you go to a good orthodepedic surgeon, who knows what he is doing, I hope you have the same results. It was the easiest surgery I have ever had. I figured I might as well have them done at the same time and am glad I did. Good luck and I will be interested as to what your decision is and how you have come out of the surgery.
I had bunion and hammer toe surgery on both feet Jan. 2, 2009. NEVER, would I do it again! I have a wonderful husband for a caregiver, but today is 5 weeks and I can barely walk. Granted, when they finishing healing I will be done, but if I had it to do over I would do one at a time.

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