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Hi Linda,
Depends on many factors including age ( I was 61). I had multiple calcaneus heel fractures with 3mm displacement on 28/2/08.Was in nwb cast for 3 months then crutches, 1 crutch,cane, no cane, back on cane now as I have been holidaying for a month in Australia where between long plane journey and too much walking, my foot very sore again, still in PT. I also wonder if I would have walked better by now if had surgery but wasn't possible for me at the time.
We will all get there but it takes time and patience.The worst thing is other people not understanding that this is not like any other injury where the bone heals and you are up and running.\the ligaments, muscles, tendons and nerves take a long time.

good Luck

I am in my 8th week today, no surgery, no cast boot was removed last friday. Doc said I can start full WB last week and no PT. i am walking with crutches being carefull not to put alot of weight on the bad foot. I have alot of swelling after leaving my foot down for a long time and it gets very stiff. ive been trying to walk with one or no crutches but i cant.also walking in the pool is very hard .i can go good on 2 crutches but thats not really weight. i have no pain at all in my heel only a little painin my outside ankle . i also had to get a size and a half bigger sneaker.

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