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[QUOTE=walleye77;3935670]My mom is doing better, thanks everyone.
This is kind of a spendy thing to do but our toilet wasn't working to my standards so I had my husband put in what I call the handicap high seated one. Its pretty nice not having to feel like you are going to end up sitting on the floor and how the heck are you going to get back up!!!! Most older homes do not have a large bathroom so we have to be creative. I don't have hand rails and have asked for them but no such luck. My right foot and leg is getting its muscles worked real good.
Question for those that have casts. Does your feel like it rubbing all the time? Even my air cast feels like that. Is there a way to make it not feel like that?[/QUOTE]

Hello Walleye... I too hada lot of trouble with cast and then air boot rubbing.
It was driving me nuts. I found I could only lay with the cast tilted to the right
on pillows, it relieved it so I could sleep... Pills helped too! With the air cast the same spot was killing me , inside of my ankle around the incision. With most of the hardware (plate and seven screws) on the outside ankle I thought that would be the place that would rub. Now I realize a lot of the pain was tight muscle tissue being irritated by the cast and boot. With a lot of massage in that area, the burning pain has diminished a lot... along with strengthening the muscle I guess. I also padded the boot with bubble wrap and a small gel pad (thanks to Ed here on the board!) it has helped tremendously. I also keep the ankle wrapped in an Ace bandage before I put on my sock and boot. This helps keep the swelling down so I don't have a Fred Flintstone foot when I take the boot off. It gets a little better every couple of days... It really does! Hang in there!!

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