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Just have a few ?s. What does oats stand for? I have had 3 sub talor fusions on right ankle first 2 never held up all started after bad ankle injury in 2000 first surgery was in feb 02 2nd was in nov 02 done well up until a year ago thought i might have torn some ligament or bad muscle tear wasn't sure had a x-ray done showed the fusion came apart .
had another fusion done with a bone graft (cadaver bone) feb 2-2009 at this point i am still in a cast 4 more weeks doc wants me to start weight bearing in 2 more weeks little at a time he says by the time i go to see him may 8 i should be walking without crutches or very little. tried to put foot down but cast is very restricting not sure if i will beable to walk in it. when i put any pressure against foot it seems to feel like a burning sensation on top of foot and also where the scar is on side of foot. has anyone else had this happen? any help would be appreciated. thank you.

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