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Hello. I had bunion surgery on March 18th. It has been 2 1/2 weeks now. I had what is considered a minor surgery. The bone was cut just above the big toe, repositioned and a screw was inserted to hold the bone. They also shaved the bump. I would appreciate comments on how long before you can walk in the boot (Aircast) after surgery. My doctor said immediately. Sure if I could stand the pain but in reality, how long until the foot has healed enough to walk without crutches. Right now I put the boot on and in the morning when the swelling is down, I can put a small amount of pressure on the heel of the boot (while using crutches of course). Also, has anyone experienced pain 2 weeks post op ....My foot feels okay during the day, sore but not painful. Once the evening comes around it jolts me with pain periodically throughout the evening. I feel that I should not require a pain pill at this point but have to take them in the evening to avoid the uncomfortable sensations. Any suggestions or comments? Would love to hear from those who have been there.
Well, at 5 weeks I was told that I need to continue wearing the boot for 2 more weeks. Then back to the doctor for another xray. I gues the bottom of the foot is healed but the top part of the bone has not mended. It is 80%. Doctor recommended physical therapy as well. I probably should have been doing it already but the toe has been so sore. I will go try it on Thursday. He tells me there is a window of time that we need to take advantage of when the foot has to regain ROM. I will dig in and get it moving.
[QUOTE=earthworm88;3993968]ditto what you said! Do you know exactly which procedure you will be doing? I am now considering Scarf Osteotomy with Akin. Anyone else had this technique and are you happy?!
Exactly what is the scarf osteotomy? Is it a regular ol' bunion procedure where they do the slicing + screw + realignment + slicing again?

According to the podiatric surgery pamphlet he gave to me (which includes all types of procedures, he circled ones he will be performing), I'll be having the bunionectomy and arthroplasty to correct my flexible hammer toes. Also, I have calluses at the balls of my feet as a result of having long second toe bones (metatarsals), so I'm having the oblique osteotomy done to shorten it. The excessively long bone has caused me to feel like I've stepped on a nail while walking around on wood flooring at my house. Glad that's getting fixed.'s like the carpentry "Z" slicing of the metatarsal, then they slide it over, put screws on each end and trim off the extra bone of the outer side. Sounds like yours will take slightly more time than mine since mine will be strictly bunionectomy. Best of luck with yours! Take care!

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