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Thanks so much for responding to me. Sounds like you had alot done to your foot. Now at over 4 months after your operation, has your doctor recommended Physical Therapy? I would hope that this would help with your challenges with gait and balance. When we have injuries, arthritis, pain, etc,the body will do what it needs to inorder to adapt and cope. Sometimes this means it creates new issues.
I hear from others including my doctor that recovery really takes 6 months to a year. I asked my doc when I might expect to see my operated on big toe look like the other one. He said "about a year". I wonder if your doctor knew that there was nerve damage at the time of the operation, or is this something that only comes to light with time. This concerns me as well. I have that same sensation that you describe as a band squeezing at the base of the toe, but mine for now feels that way across the whole toe. May be too soon for me to feel relief from this. I hope you get relief soon.
Unlike you, I was not put in a cast. My foot was wrapped in bandages and an ace bandage for the first two weeks. I would use the special shoe when I got out of bed. That was removed and now all I am to wear is a sock and the shoe when I am on the move. This gives me the freedom to exercise my foot and ankle while in a chair or on the bed. I am determined to maintain as much freedom of motion as I can from this "whole bag of potatoes".
I wish you all the best with this. Sometimes I wish that I hadn't done anything...but when I remember the pain and difficulty I lived with every moment of every day before the operation, I remind myself of the benefits and am determined to return to a healthy dispostion. One where my body does not take center stage. I would love to forget that I have feet. Let's stay in touch and I hope that a few months down the road you will be able to tell me that things have gotten even better for you.
Yes, I am very happy with my decision to have gone ahead with the fusion. It has been 18 weeks since the surgery and I am walking well. No one would know that I ever had surgery on my foot to watch me walk about. I often forget myself that I went through with it. I feel no pain in my right foot in fact it feels 100% better than my left, which I will someday have to have done. I want to wait it out until I fully adapt to whatever changes arise from my surgery, though as things stand now, there are few. It may sound silly, but the one thing I miss is being able to curl my toe over...but as with anything, I am adapting...I gave up smoking 20 years ago, I can certainly learn to live without bending this toe.
I have known a number of people who have had negative experiences with various foot surgeries performed by Podiatrists. I know that there must be excellent ones out there, but my own experience is with Orthopedic surgeons who specialize with the feet and ankles. My positive reality has shaped my bias and my preference to use an Orthopedic surgeon for surgery. I live in the NJ area and would be glad to recommend my doctor if you wish.
I did have surgery on my left big toe 13 years ago with an Orthopedic surgeon. It was at the earlier stages of my arthritis and I did not need fusion at the time. He performed a Kelectomy. Most recently, the cartilage on my right big toe however was too far gone, nothing left, infact the bone was rigid, and I was in pain almost constantly whether I was walking or not. My doctors had advised me for years to wait until I was a bit older or until the pain was more than I could bear. They also researched the various types of surgeries at my request, but felt strongly that Fusion is the "gold standard". Hemicap and replacements often do not last, or just don't help the toe when the bone is too far gone. Do your research, but it sounds like you are ready for fusion after what you have been through.
You have gotten some good advice from others on the board regarding preparations. Exercise ahead of time regularly to get your body ready and in shape for the down time. Get some good book, cds, homework, a journal, etc. I set my room up with a porta pot right next to my bed / get a tray for eating in bed for a while / let your friends or partner or husband cook and clean and prepare meals for you / I had a stool that I used in the bathroom at the sink to rest my knee on while I washed up and brushed my teeth, etc / Also had a stool or chair in the kitchen that I could rest my knee on while I did what I needed to. First few days are the toughest, but not horrible by any means. I live in an apartment on the 2nd floor. For the first number of weeks, I didn't leave except to visit the doctor 1x week. I would scoot down the steps on my tush and my husband would help lift me into the borrowed wheel chair. Red Cross loaned us a wheel chair for free. I eventually kept it in the apt and use this along with crutches. You will make it up as you go along. I have no doubt that anyone that goes through with this operation gets very creative. Good Luck and don't hesitate to write and ask questions. I want to hear how you are doing.
[QUOTE=footfalls;3946712]Hi folks. Reaching out to anyone who is a few months post fusion surgery of the big toe. I am now two week post surgery The surgery went well, I have two screws in there to promote a successful fusion. Would love to chat with someone about the sensations, circulation, etc. Will I ever be able to forget that I have a toe at the end of my foot? I welcome any sharing. Thanks.

Hi foot fall,
Yes I do believe the strange tingling and odd feelings go away by 3 months for most people..although maybe I was unusual. I think it is re-invernation and mine was gone by 8 weeks. My post op was a perfect text b ook re recovery. After 2 weeks plus on crutches then a walking cast/boot, (even at night) at 2months I had the boot off and could walk without toeing off and now at 3 months plus I am on the beach toeing off and walking great. Lots of things helped this happen, I do believe. My toe is now forgotten!!! and in 2 more weeks, I will be able to stand on my tippy toe (for yoga etc)! Good luck, don't fudge and get on your toe too early!! And hopefully you will heal quickly. My biggest worry wasn't so much whether the fusion would work, but whether I could stay away from vigorous exercise for 8 weeks. By 6 weeks, I was wearing my boot to indoor biking! Odd, but it helped me and I believe it might have contributed to my quick recovery. Do what your doc says!
Hi 53home, my foot is doing very well. The surgery went well, and I spent two weeks at home. I went back to work after two weeks, because I have a job where I can sit. I also had a stool that I took everywhere I went so I could put my foot up. I had a bit of an infection a couple of days after I got the stitches out. A few days of antibiotics nipped that in the bud. I got my surgery report and six week follow-up reports to show my podiatrist in early January. I noticed that there was no sign of fusion happening at the six week mark, so I got another x-ray in January. This one showed signs of a possible bone infection. :eek: So, I had a bone scan which said that in the absence of redness, heat and those signs, it was not likely infection. I had another x-ray a month later, and it showed healing. No infection. YAY!

So, now I am approaching the four month mark. My foot feels awesome. I have been going for walks and I think that helps. I decided to try my orthotics, and I can wear them now. I am glad I did not let the podiatrist cast me for new ones in January. Now that I can wear my orthotics again, I am hoping the plantar fasciitis that has flared up in my left heel will settle down. That foot did not like having to do more than its share of work!

I hope you get your neuropathy settles down. I am sure the water exercise helps with the swelling. I have been thinking about going to water aerobics, but haven't gotten there. It is hard to be motivated to swim in the winter around here. :jester:

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