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Thanks so much for responding to me. Sounds like you had alot done to your foot. Now at over 4 months after your operation, has your doctor recommended Physical Therapy? I would hope that this would help with your challenges with gait and balance. When we have injuries, arthritis, pain, etc,the body will do what it needs to inorder to adapt and cope. Sometimes this means it creates new issues.
I hear from others including my doctor that recovery really takes 6 months to a year. I asked my doc when I might expect to see my operated on big toe look like the other one. He said "about a year". I wonder if your doctor knew that there was nerve damage at the time of the operation, or is this something that only comes to light with time. This concerns me as well. I have that same sensation that you describe as a band squeezing at the base of the toe, but mine for now feels that way across the whole toe. May be too soon for me to feel relief from this. I hope you get relief soon.
Unlike you, I was not put in a cast. My foot was wrapped in bandages and an ace bandage for the first two weeks. I would use the special shoe when I got out of bed. That was removed and now all I am to wear is a sock and the shoe when I am on the move. This gives me the freedom to exercise my foot and ankle while in a chair or on the bed. I am determined to maintain as much freedom of motion as I can from this "whole bag of potatoes".
I wish you all the best with this. Sometimes I wish that I hadn't done anything...but when I remember the pain and difficulty I lived with every moment of every day before the operation, I remind myself of the benefits and am determined to return to a healthy dispostion. One where my body does not take center stage. I would love to forget that I have feet. Let's stay in touch and I hope that a few months down the road you will be able to tell me that things have gotten even better for you.
I am sure that your torn meniscus is from being nwb so long and being in the boot for a long time after that. My doctor said the boot often causes knee problems. The meniscus surgery was not bad. I had mine on Thursday, went to physical therapy on Friday and was back at work on Monday. However, I am very sore, and recommend taking a little more time off if you can afford to. I was out of sick leave after all the months of problems with my foot! Good luck and God bless!
Hello.... I had a toe fusion on Oct 2nd. I was in a full cast for a full 2 months. There was a large pin in my foot with a screw. I had the pin taken out 3 weeks after the surgery. The beginning of December the cast came off. I then went into a large disgusting boot. January.... the boot came out. I am in physical therapy now. My toe is beautiful. No more disgusting bump. The scar is hardly noticeable. I am relearning how to walk now. My doctor was very very cautious.. and I am very very thankful. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank goodness this awful nightmare is almost over. Do everything your doctor says..... be extra careful and good luck!!

Information on toe fusion. I had my big toe fused October 2nd. I was in a large cast for 3 months and then in a large boot for 3 months. After physical therapy........ I am walking and exercising and living without pain. I listened to every word my wonderful doctor said. I am wearing real shoes and I am so thankful that I had the surgery.

Best to all

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