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Hi Debbie,
Nice hearing from you again. I really do appreciate your replies. It's nice having somebody to talk to about all of this. It really does help.
It's great that you had somebody there for you during your down time that was willing & caring enough to help you out. Especially your boyfriend! That really shows just how much he loves you! Most men are'nt very good at being caregiver, atleast this has been my experience. Most run the other way once they see what all is involved lol. I'm glad that you had a little team that was there for you, it really makes all the difference in your recovery.
Yes, you're right, i am just going to have to let things go around the house hold until i'm back up & on my feet again. This is really really hard for me to do but i know that my health is going to depend on it.
I'm sorry to hear about your knee. I'm sorta in the same boat with you here also because i have arthritis in both of knees, my right knee is the worse & they are both rubbing bone on bone & i've been to a surgeon but the surgeon was unwilling to do any knee replacement sugery due to my age. He says that i'm much to young. I thought, what does my age have to do with anything? If i need new knees then i need new knees lol So i just have to suffer. Although the surgeon was willing to give me the Fentynol patch for my knee pain but i refused because i was too afraid to use it lol. I didn't want to add "addictions" onto my list of ailments. Because the surgeon warned me that the patches were highly addictive so chicken *hit me, said "no, thanks." lol You'd better keep that knee elevated to get that swelling down! Will ice packing it help also? You poor thing, i hope the swelling goes down for you soon & that you don't have too much pain. I certainly know how it feels as i just saw my MD this afternoon for the very same thing. My knees are swollen & they are crunching. He told me to keep them elevated above heart level & ice them 3 times a day until the swelling subsides. 3 times a day for 20 minutes at a time. He also showed me a very simple knee exercise that he wants me to do that will take away the stiffness & i can do the exercise from a sitting down position! lol It's very simple, you just sit down & then lift your leg straight up & sorta move your leg up & down, at the same time holding your leg lifted. He told me to do 50 of them lol . My MD also renewed my percocet rx for another 90 days. My Dr even asked me today if the percocet are still working for me & i told him that they do help but in no way do they take away my pain. He asked me if i wanted a new, stronger drug. He mentioned Oxycontin & i don't really know why i said this but i said no that i would just stay on the percocets. After i had left his office i said "why did i say that? lol I think the main reason why i said that is because i was afraid that if he changed my drugs that what if the new drug didn't work as good as the one i've been taking. I was really afraid of that but he did tell me if i need something stronger to call him. I have been thinking about it & i think what i may do is give him a call & ask him to write me a script for 10 of the oxycontins just so that i can see if they will manage my pain better than the percocets, ya know? Because i really do need something stronger. I can't believe that i said "no!" lol I think also that i was just surprised at him offering me something stronger & because he was being so nice to me on this visit. But then again, he is usually always very nice & compassionate about my pain levels. I may give him a call in a few days & try the oxycontin. He even said that he is willing to give me the percocets for break through pain. I'm just so happy that he understands my pain, that he acknowledges it. Alot of Dr.'s don't. Alot of Dr.'s just blow us off & have the nerve & audacity to treat us as if we were drug addicts. Have you ever had percocets or oxycontin? The reason i'm asking is because i was curious as to if you thought that one is better than the other.
Well i sure hope that your knee feels better real soon & that the swelling goes down. I will keep you in my prayers.
I'm so sorry that you were denied for SSDI. Can you appeal?
No, i'm not taking any kind of anti depressants/no counseling either but sometimes i wonder if it might help lol. You're right, i am the type of person that suffers in silence because i have alot of pride & i don't ever want to feel like i'm being a burden to anyone. Even when i need to cry i go into the bathroom & lock the door where nobody can see or hear me crying. I try my best to stay strong, for everybody elses sake. While i suffer in silence. Often times my "pride" & stubborness" just cause me to be in that much more pain because my husband is always telling me, let me rent you a motorized scooter or a wheel chair so that we can go out to different places but i always refuse & i say "no, i can walk"...And then once i get home i cry like a baby, alone, of course. It's almost as if, i really want to get in that scooter but i'm fighting against myself because i do not want to be a burden or come off as "disabled". So i just push & push myself while i'm screaming inside to STOP! It's aweful! Why can't i just accept the help? God, please don't tell me that i now need to add "mental" illness to my list of ailments lol Not that i'm in any way trying or meaning to cut down any person whom may have a "mental" illness. I just have enough on my plate already to deal with lol.
Take care & i will keep you in my thoughts & prayers.
Thanks for listening.

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