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Hi Everyone!

I told you I'd keep you updated on my recovery, so that's why I'm here. I had my bunion surgery on my right foot yesterday afternoon and I'm doing pretty well. I had a bunionectomy, 1st metatarsal osteotomy and something with cuneiform in the name or something like that. :) I can't remember all the names, but it was something like that. I have 2 screws in (one in the big toe area and one where they fused my 1st metatarsal joint) and 4 pins in an external fixation (on the outside of my foot going into the inside where the joint fusion is) to allow me to start putting weight on my foot sooner. I was under heavy sedation (meaning the lights were on but nobody was home ;) ) so I don't remember anything about the surgery. I'm NWB for at least 2 weeks and am in a soft fiberglass cast and then move to a boot after the 2 weeks.

My surgeon gave me extra anesthetic at the end of the surgery to numb my foot for a while, so my foot is still numb and I don't have too much pain yet - just an achey throb. I know eventually the numbness will wear off and the pain will get worse but I'm trying to stay ahead of the pain with my pain meds and and constantly elevating and icing every hour. I got a bean bag chair for elevation (i have it on the coffee table in front of me) and its working PERFECTLY. I'm really glad I bought it.

Other than that, things are going well. My husband took the day off work yesterday to be with me and today my mom is with me and she will be tomorrow as well. I'm very lucky have family so close to take care of me over the next couple weeks.

Thanks for all the well wishes! And I wish anyone luck who has upcoming surgery themselves. :wave:

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