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Hello again,
I had a big toe fusion about 6.5 weeks ago. A few days ago, my dr. gave me the ok to go ahead and wear regular shoes and be full weight bearing. I have tried to put on shoes, but they are extremely uncomfortable due to the swelling, and walking barefoot (we don't have carpet) is painful so I bought some thick, cushiony slippers for around the house. Now, my excitedness has turned into worry because my foot was doing so well before. No swelling, no pain, it felt normal and now that I've begun to walk on it, it swells a lot and hurts. I figure some swelling would be normal as my foot gets used to the weight, but it just seems excessive. I wake up and it's swollen and painful, something that didn't even happen when I was earlier on in my recovery. My foot tends to want to turn inward, so my gait is kind of wacky, which makes my hip hurt. I am supposed to go back to work tomorrow, but I just don't see how. I'm 31, but I'm limping around like I'm a senior citizen with foot and hip problems!

So my question is this: For those that had this type of surgery, at what point were you allowed to put weight on your foot? Did you have problems the first few weeks? Please, any info would be appreciated. I was so pleased with how my recovery was going, and now this. :(

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