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fusion is the last resort. the fusion i had wont let me bend the big toe. it sticks up about 10-15 degrees and is angling inward. like i said before, its a very long recovery. evey fusion is different. i had o have fusion after a failed bunionectomy. nov. will be 3 years. after the fusion i was in a cast for 12 weeks and a walking boot for 4 weeks. i then went slowly into a wide gym shoe. i started on the bike and gradually did everything the dr allowed me to. i think the biggest problem is swelling. ice and elevation are key. as time went on, i was able to wear a compression sock and boy did that help. i gave up on shoes, but at the 1 year mark i found i was able to buy some cute ones. at the 2 year mar even more swelling went down and i am able to get into some of my old shoes. there were some i could not donate! i also had arthritis in the big toe. this fusion was done when i was 50 which i think is very young. i do everything i did before. i play tennis, snow ski and do every exercise possible-even jumping rope. i am a very active person and the only thing i dont like about this is not being able to wear cool shoes. i like dressing nice and wearing cool jeans so i do the best i can with finding shoes. just to let you know i am 5 ft tall and weigh 95lbs. i watch what i eat, but i work out constantly. i never thought there was a light at the end of the tunnel, but there was! when i was able to take the boot off and there was no pain, i knew i did the right thing. you have no choice. 1 last question, why did they work on your heel? i hope this helped you because 50 is the new 30! do it now before anything else happens. go see a pro sports foot and ankle specialist. love, debbie

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