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Boy have you come to the right place. I was in your shoes (so to speak) last feb 4th and got on these health boards and it was sooo helpful. I too had the same problems you're having, HR with no carilege and bone on bone, very painful for years. I also had a cheilectomy on my left foot which seems to be the answer for now anyway.

I had a bone graft from my hip fused with the joint due to an osteotomy done 2 years ago which left my toe alot shorter, so to lengthen it back to normal size the doc said that would work best. That was no big deal, the hip healed without complications. The first 3 days after the fusion is pretty much the worst. Keep the foot elevated and take your pain meds! Have someone with you at least the first week because just getting yourself to the bathroom is chore enough and that's about all you'll want to do for yourself. I was non weight bearing for 11 weeks due to the graft. He originally told me 12 weeks but things looked great at 11 so i was able to walk in a boot for 4 more weeks after that. I own my own business and did not work it this whole time, i'm not sure how people go back to work, i found it very uncomfortable to be up and around for long periods of time. I really never went anywhere except the doc and once or twice to the store. The crutches were just a b*&*%^ to get around on, so it was easier to hang at home.

It's a long process, but like you i had so much pain for so long i knew it was the only answer and had to deal with it. I went up and down with my moods and luckily i have a very thick skinned husband that didn't take my moods personally.

I am now 4 months post op and am still icing and getting used to things but i was told it'll be about 1 year that the swelling with come and go. The surgery was a success so now my biggest concern is the what to put on my feet problem, which is really no different than a year ago at this time. My feet used to hurt no matter what shoes i wore. My daughter graduates college next week and i refuse to wear athletic shoes to that, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed that the 50.00 flip flops i have will work. Cheap shoes are a thing of the past as i'm sure you already know.

Good luck and keep checking these boards, they're very helpful.

My Sore Feet in Spokane

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