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I know you will have already been living with this for a while, but I thought I'd respond for the benefit of others. I had a single bunionectomy/osteotomy with a bone spur removal. My husband has been a godsend through this process. However, we didn't really think about what was going to be involved or make some reasonable preparations.

I had my surgery in Dubai and I think they are a bit more conservative here, but I was in the hospital over night. If you have the choice, definitely stay for at least one night. It's pretty scary getting to the bathroom the first couple times. And with the adjustable beds it's much easier getting yourself in a good position to sleep. Anyway, once home I spent a couple days in bed virtually all the time. My husband brought me food, drink and made sure I could get to the bathroom ok.

I have horrible upper body strength and that's something I would have worked on in prep for the surgery because crutches suck if you can't hold yourself up. But a friend recommended I roll around on my office chair and that was a MASSIVE help.

My husband is able to work from home and he's done that for the 11 days since my surgery. He bathes me per the doctor's instructions. He did NOT want me standing in the shower. It sounds like the amount of freedom you're given depends on your doctor. In my case I am substantially overweight and I think he doesn't want me putting any weight on my foot for a while. My understanding is that will change at 3 weeks when he takes out the stitches.

After 5 days he said it was ok to stand with my foot down (only if the boot is on) but still don't put weight on it. That allowed me to be able to get into the kitchen on my own which helped my sense of independence and started to relieve my husband of his having to do EVERYTHING for me.

My foot is up all the time unless I am going to the bathroom or in the kitchen. I have virtually no swelling although it's still more than the doctor would like. I also have no pain to speak of. Occasionally I have the sensation like a sunburn on the top of my foot (the skin sort of pulling and itching). And my doctor says there should be no pain. The only medication I'm taking is an anti-inflammatory and Nexxium to minimize stomach problems from the anti-inflammatory.

As the non-surgery partner I would say if you can take time off from work or work from home, it's going to make the patient feel much more confident. You'll be doing a lot of little things like putting glasses and remotes and stuff within arm's reach. Also, for the first couple days I kept knocking over water glasses. It seemed he was constantly running for a towel to clean up after me. I think that was because I was sort of flinging myself into position. Thankfully that went away as my upper body strength and the ability to move my leg improved. Also, you will have to do ALL the cleaning for awhile. And you'll want to make sure the path is clear of shoes and stuff.

Good luck to both of you!:wave:

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