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Hi all,
I had a bilaterial cheilcetomy and ostotomy done on may 12th 2009. I was amzed how quickle i could ditch the crutches and get around indoors and in the garden. I was only at hospital 7 hours and had it done under a general so dont remember much except coming round andgetting a great boost of morphine which was fab as i was ready to go balet dancing straight after lol. I managed to go to a bench unvailing for one of the kids i looked after who died 2 days after op. I stop taking pain meds after 2 days. I was in my sexy boots until tuesday this week ( week 6 ) I have has no follow up yet thats next week on tuesday. I did get an infection in one of the wounds as it wasnt closed up enough as the stiches were loser in one foot. It is still a little open which is bothering me a bit as i am trying hard to prevent infection. I am walkign around in one pair of my old slip on shoes but going shoe shopping tomorrow. The swelling is going down on my toes now and the scars are pretty, i love scars lol. I was told before the sergery he wouldbe putting screws in but he didnt mention it afterwards so not sure if i have screws or not. I cant wait til the 30th to findout if i can drive yet? it is the not being able to drive for 7 weeks and the boot that makes me think i do have screws. i am impressed with the procedure i have had done, and have no regrets my only regret is telling work i may need 6 to 8 weeks off but i think its going to be lot longer as i work 8 hours hisfts and an half hour drive there and half hour back. I do have a few queries which i would love to hear peoples veiws.
when do people feel i should be able to be on my feet for about 6-8hours at work - you see i work with disabled children at a respite unit.
Does anyone have insoles in they shoes to correct the walking postion?
I have started walkingon the outsides of my feet, it got that bad that my special sexy shoes actually wore down on the outsides dispite swopping them about weekly. It is actually making my feet ache on the side.
I have a funny feeling on the side of my nail on left big toe could this be nerve damage? It feels like an in growing toenail but it isnt.
has anyone found swimming good for movement, obviously i got towait till my wound has healed completly.

:) thanks xxx

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