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Here is my story. Two weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night with sharp pain around my left big toe. Next day I went to ER, after X Rays and the blood test I was diagnosed with skin infection and prescribed with antibiotics. On the second day I went to Podiatrist, and he with smile on his face told me, that I have Gout. He injected around big toe joint with cortisone, and gave me Indomethcine 50 mg twice per day. After all this treatment I had 50% relief, but 3 days later pain increased, and I went to doctor again he told me , that I have another attack, He injected another portion of Cortisone, and gave me Colchicine 0,6 mg one tablet every hour for five hours(total 5 tablets) following one tablets twice per day. I took 5 pills I did not have any relief, but next morning I felt much better but not 100%. Yesterday at 7 PM I had doctor appointment and he told me to continue to take Colchicine twice per day to prevent from another attack. I went home and few hours later pain start to increase again,again and again. I don't know what to do any more, may be I do have skin infection or else. I live with the constant pain for two weeks. Please any thoughts or advice.
Thank you.

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