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Hi everyone:

I'm new to this board and do not know what the terms mean (WB - OATS - OCD AND SO ON...). Could someone help me out? My story is...I was in a serious car accident in 08/97 where I broke most of the bones in both my feet, crushed my right ankle and snapped all the tendons in my right ankle. Doctor said would never walk again unless I had my ankle fused and used a walking aid. I refused the fusion and had surgery to fix the other issues. I was out of my wheelchair in 6 months and did walk without aid until about 5 years ago.

During the last 3 years things have gone really gone downhill. I tried a KROW boot and gave it up because my hip and lower back would hurt so bad. Then I tried a KROW boot with a special made boot for my left ankle. While it helped to have both feet walking at the same height, 1 boot weighted 4.5 pounds and the other weighted 2 pounds. Eventually the weight difference caused severe pain in my lower back and hips. For the past year or so I was able to do fairly good wearing a pair of quality hiking shoes. I was able to walk short distances, move around my house and yard and then using a wheelchair for longer walking distances and shopping trips. Last April I tried Rock Repelling down a 60 foot cliff and had a accident (my right knee twisted out and my right ankle rolled in and I fell on it). I am afraid this accident finished off my right ankle. I tried the KROW boots again and I am unable to walk in them at all without extreme pain. I HATE being in a wheelchair. So....I am facing ankle fusion if I want to be able to walk at all without pain or with a great deal less pain.

FINALLY, I get to my questions.......Has anyone had an ankle fusion? How was the recovery? How long did it take? What did it take (ie PT)? Are you happy with the fusion?

I want a allograph (transplant) as opposed to a implant (replacement). Doctors won't do a replacement/implant on me because I refuse to slow down and give up some of my activities AND my insurance won't cover a transplant. Plus all the good doctors who do the transplants are on the East Coast, I live on the West Coast and can't afford to pay for it myself.

Oh yeah, I am 58 years old, grandma to 5 very phyiscally active grandsons who are into sports, hiking, camping and anything else they can find to do. This grandma wants very much to be right there with them.

I appreciate all who who respond. Thank you.
Hi Liz:

Last year I went to see one of the top ankle replacement surgeons in the country. He said if I was a family member he wouldn't touch me with a 10 foot pole. He said that he just knew that I would not slow down or take it easy and within a year or sooner I would end up breaking my leg at the implant point. Besides that he said my bones were very small, good bone density but very small like a teenagers and would have to special make the joint replacement. My insurance will not cover a allograph, they say it is too new and unproven. I simply cannot afford to pay for a allograph myself. So an ankle fusion is what is left.

I really want to be without as much pain as I am now currently experiencing. As it stands now I don't dare go camping or even walking for that matter because of the pain.

Thanks for your comment and good wishes. littlebear

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