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Hi girls wow these posts are going great its so nice to talk to you all. Im new to the computer i did a course about 4 months ago and up until then i had not been on one im still learning It is so frustating when i start writing to you and have written quite a lot and for some reason i lose all the thread because i am going back and forth referring to what you have all written i dont know where it is and so i have to start all over again:confused:
Earthworm hope you enjoy the last few days of your Ireland holiday i had to laugh when you mentioned the rain i am originally from the UK and i know how it rains so much but Ireland is a beutifull and lush place because of all the rainfall.Sounds like your feet will be looking forward to a little bit of TLC when you get back.
Thankyou girls for all your kind congratulations Im off work for about 8 weeks with my feet so i will be getting plenty of cuddles in even though i wont be able to walk him in the park.
I dont know why i have to wait 6 weeks for the stitches to come out i thought it was just the norm. I have a cast under the foot and then bandages around the foot which are not looking to good at the moment they are getting a little slack but i return next Monday 27th and i suppose they will change them and then i get to see all the gory bits and hopefully like what i see:(
I cant believe its been a week since my surgery i didnt expect to feel this good in such a short space i hope it continues .:)
Hi Pearl, sounds like you are doing fantastic! The sexy shoes you described sounds like the Darco shoes i wore too. They are wedge like with the weight bearing on your heels and the toes are much higher off the ground? I wore those for only 4 weeks. After that I wore the flat velcro ones. are right, every doctor is different, and the follow up care differs as well. Mine just left them unwrapped after the sutures were removed. He didn't recommend any splints either. I am just playing my own doctor and do whatever I think is good for my feet lol

There shouldn't be anything embarrassing about sitting in the wheelchairs, milk it while you can lol Your incisions sound small and nice! That's great! I'd never iced my feet either, I only did the elevation and stayed off my feet.

I don't know if I can describe the way my big toes lie. If I put my feet down, all my little toes are flat and feel like they are "magnatized" naturally to the ground while no additional pressure or gripping was applied. While my big toe appeared to lie flat on the floor, but when I try to jiggle it with my finger, it jiggles slightly and not firmly put down like my little toes. If I apply deliberate pressure to the big toe by "gripping" the floor with it, then it jiggle just a teeny bit. I am not sure if that means the ball of my foot is still swollen or what.

I am sad to say my right foot is hurting me yesterday and today. This morning, it woke me up. I felt this really strange pain on the base of my big toe but on top. The pain comes and radiates for 2 seconds, goes away, and comes back again. Kept happening for quite a while. I think I may have overdone it at the gym yesterday. Since my physio started, I try to apply what I learned there by using the machines at the gym and I deliberately exercised the forefoot by putting more pressure on them. *sigh* Oh, now I have graduated from my sneakers to my Columbia Tevas! thank's just too darn hot here in the desert!

Jane is probably busy shopping for an automatic :D and Laurie is having the time of her life planning her mysterious trip to celebrate her anniversary ;). Have fun, girls!

history: I am 8 weeks post op yesterday! :D Scarf bilateral osteotomies without Akin. 2 screws each foot :D

Take care and Happy recovery everyone!
Hi Beetroot,

Best of luck for your upcoming op. I am 3 weeks post op from a cartilage graft and all the prep I did before the op really paid off. I cooked lots of healthy meals and stacked the freezer and cupboards. My kids are 6 and 8, they have amazed me how much they could do and how capable they are when they have needed to be. I also set up my room to be like a central control, long table right next to the bed with everything I needed right there. Don't be scared to ask for help and accept all offers and keep the painmeds topped up. Take care.
Aimski - sorry I should day 8 weeks later. As I've just reazlised it's not even 12 weeks since my surgery. So isn't that even more amazing.

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