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I had/have a "traditional" bunion and tailor's bunion on each foot. The right foot had a tailor's bunion for more than 20 years. It was huge, but I only had pain if a shoe rubbed against it. I didn't even know it was a bunion! I had weird nerve pain at the top of the arch which prompted me to see my primary care physician (PCP). He told me I had bunions. I was referred to a podiatrist (pod). This was two years ago this September. I decided not to do anything yet, but that following February I went to San Antonio Texas and walked miles. My right foot swelled up on top, I couldn't even bend my toes. I went back to the pod, who said my fifth metatarsal joint at the toe rolled. The foot couldn't support my weight properly because the first and fifth metatarsals were splayed. I wanted surgery done on both feet, but my pod said I wouldn't be a happy camper. I think it is because surgery was on both metatarsals, so it would mean four bones cut etc. The bones were cut through, realigned and pinned. My husband said I had a frankenfoot. I had surgery May 2008 on the right foot. The first metatarsal side healed faster. I learned fifth metatarsals can be slow to heal because of blood flow. My other foot at the big toe joint is giving me a lot of pain. I was hoping to wait until my son had his drivers license. I'll be seeing my pcp next week, and probably the pod. I want to wait due to the incapacitation that follows surgery. Sorry to ramble on. My post-surgical foot looks great, though I didn't care prior to surgery about looks. The first weeks after surgery were the worse, but I was to blame. I walked far too much after stitches were removed. My foot had terrible nerve pain and I had to go nwb for a week. I recovered well. My foot felt much better after the pins were removed. I stopped the pain medication after the first week. I was feeling jumpy and paranoid. I was driving at five weeks post-op. Everyone has their own schedule for recovery, so don't be too discouraged if you feel you should be farther along. You will get better.
Wait until you can wear the cute sandals that had been off limits. Sounds trivial, but it is exciting! I promise my next reply will not be so lengthy.
Hi girls im so pleased we are alll back together once more and now Jane has joined us good stuff. Ye i did spend two nights in hospital but it was purely because i could not put my feet down and walk a few steps with the help of a walker it was the physio who said i couldnt go home it was ok by the surgeon he said everything had gone great.My blood pressure was extremely low so that wasnt helping my dizzy and fainting spells so rather be safe than sorry.:dizzy:
Since being home im feeling stronger day by day. Today it had been 20 hours inbetween pain meds so i guess i will be off them completely very soon.:)
I dont know the exact specifics of the surgery only what i mentioned before metatorsal ostomony is that what you mean Laurie? Wow your actually wearing proper shoes and out at the mall thats fabulous its only been about 7 weeks hasnt it? I hope my recovery is as quick:eek:[as you can see i love these little icons]:o
Up to now ive not been bored what with the tv, books, magazines ,lap top, and most of all my son and his wife had a little boy last wednesday my first grandchild. My husband and i have taken ourselves off to the hospital me in my wheelchair, i never thought i would be able to see them both in hospital with only just coming out of hospital myself, so i have a lot to hurry up and get better for.
I will be having some pt when the time comes Edge im sure it is very neccesary to full use of the foot. im only 2 weeks behind you so i will be reading what your going through with interest.I notice that you have had your stitches out my doctor said it would be 6 weeks before mine are out:eek: I love my walker as i couldnt manage without it but i dont stay on it to long i know the importance of elevating from reading Janes posts. Love you and leave you thanks for listening.
Thanks Pearl for bringing the bunion group together. I am in awe of you who had both feet done at the same time. You will be so glad you did it in one shot.
I will need to have the other foot done, same procedure for the bunion and tailor's bunion. I was hoping to wait a few years, but the joint on the big toe of my bad foot is hurting like crazy. I was hoping to go to the UK next summer, a trip I wished I had made when I was younger. I'll be going to the pcp for x-rays and a new referral to my pod.
Edge, did you have pins or screws? My foot healing went much more quickly once the pins were removed. The pins were the biggest source of my discomfort. I was ready to yank them out myself! When you do start walking in a sneaker, remember to roll off your toes. I was staying off my toes by habit and developed a sore hip. Once I became more aware of how I was walking, and began using the toes, the hip pain went away. I started Zumba classes (a latin inspired aerobics) at six months, though I wish I started at four. The class helped me stretch my foot and helped it to become more flexible.
I didn't do PT, but I think it would have hastened flexibility. I will ask to have PT after the next surgery. Keep up the good work.
Hi Pearl..Congrats on your new grandson!! I'm sure this will make you want to recover much quicker but don't over do it either. Becareful and take care of yourself. :)

Hi Jane..I did not have any pins or screws put into my foot. I'm just alittle nervous lately that I'm still very stiff and can't bend my toe yet. I know its only 3 weeks but I still get minor throbbing and shooting pains in my big toe. My Tailor bunion side still looks like I still have the bunion sticking out:confused: I see my POD tomorrow which I am glad about that cause I'm get this shooting pain and throbbing right above my heel in my arch area. I dont even have to be walking and it hurts. Maybe its one of those new pains you get while walking on your surgery foot. Did you ever have that kind of pain?

Hey Earth.. I guess your still in Ireland? You better take care of your feet shame on you...:D I couldn't imagine doing all of that walking! I think the stress fracture could be a false alarm but I'll know more tomorrow at the POD office. My POD is a Board Certified Surgeon so I have 110% in him and his qualifications. My bone does feel alittle sore and bumpy but it could be from the swelling in my foot. Oh..the agony of da feet..LOL

Hope everyone is taking care of themselves and don't dance too much!! LOL
Hi Everyone, I'm glad to see everyone is taking care of themselves! Laurie, I love the casino's only the slot machines too. One year I won $1,800.00 on a tax free slot machine. All in cash :) haven't won

Alittle update here on my surgery results, I went to see my POD and he actually scrapped(spelled)? some of my scabs off on both ends(while pressing down) of my feet:eek::dizzy: He wanted to make sure there was no infections brewing in there. did anyone else have this done? At least he warned me. I mention this new sore I have on my surgery foot to Janesfoot. It ends up I have Plantar Fasciitis and I have to wear a night brace(splint) now while I sleep at night. I have been in such terrible pain and could hardly walk along with already having problems walking from my surgery. Hope that made sense there. lol The pain near my heel and arch is hurting more than my surgery toes. LOL He gave me a couple of cortizone(spelled) shots and hopefully that will make me feel better. I actually want to go to the mall tonight and get some New Balance shoes or something. The doc wants me out of the surgical shoe now. I hope some shoe fits me..I know my foot is still alittle swollen but I gotta give it a try. Did I mention my other bone spurs, Morton Neuroma and Tailor bunion on my left foot??? LOL

As Laurie mentioned, My surgery was not as complicated like screws and pins inserted like the others here,but it sounds like were all healing the same in the healing process. :) I hope everyone is taking it easy and not walking much. Look who's talking, I'm about to walk through a mall now! LOL

Have a great day and night everyone!!
I think there are exceptions made when walking in Ireland or the mall! A girl has to live a little. The plantar fasciitis sounds like a royal pain. Hope the brace works. I have been wearing the Easy Spirit slides/mules. They are smooth and soft inside, so won't irritate tender skin. They offer more support than a flip flop, which my pod said was a big no-no to wear. I still wear the FitFlop, but have begun to think wearing them may have caused my big toe bunion on the bad foot to be so inflamed.
Laurieivy, we have had so much rain in the northeast, I would be happy to send some your way if it was possible. We had about 3 days with sun in June and 8 plus inches of rain. Our summers are almost nonexistent as it is. We had great sunny dry days the past week, everyone has come out of their caves to bask in the warm sunshine.
It seems like getting footwear to fit after surgery is not as easy as one would hope.My surgeon said my foot size would probably be a size bigger due to my hammertoes on both feet beig straitened. Did anyone else find their foot size altered? I dont mind if this is the case i would just like to be able to have a better choice of shoe than the ones i always had to go for.
Laurie what are Birkenstocks? ive heard a few people on these threads mention them.
Earthworm what was the type of surgery you had and what date was yours?.
Jane have you a date yet for surgery on your other foot?
Edge sorry about your setback with the night brace has the doctors visit helped any with the throbbing and shooting pains in the big toe?
Ive not had any pain meds for 2 days now so when i do walk with my walker i try and be more carefull as sometimes if you are taking the meds you tend to think you can do a bit more cause of no pain,
does that make sense:dizzy:Catch you all later:wave::wave:
Hi Everyone:wave:

Welcome Home Earthworm..:) It is very common to check for infections under your scabs . I mentioned it to my PT and she said it could happen under your scabs. Anyways, my PF started mostly after my surgery cause of how my foot position is after my surgery. The shot has helped the throbbing and pain but I'm glad its not as bad as other people who live with it day and night. The stinging that I still continue to have everyday on top of my big toe,the Dr said its normal but I'm gonna talk to him again on Monday. The shoes you mentioned MBT shoes?? What does that stand for and are they good?

Janesfoot.. The Easy Spirit gliders are they good shoes or sandals? I went to the mall last night and I cant even fit into a sneaker yet. I'm a size 9 and I couldnt fit into a size 10 extra wide.:dizzy: Oh well one day... If you can,let us know how your pcp visit went and any news on another surgery?

Hi Pearl.. I hope your doing better and your taking it easy these days. :) My surgery date was June 29th so I will be 4 weeks post op coming this monday. My foot is still swollen and my PT today moved my little and big toe around ALOT! I was seeing stars and sweating when she did the bending and moving my joints around. She said my big toe should bend at a 90 degree angle and so far I am at a 40 degree angle. I guess thats ok ...put it this way..thats all I can do. lol

By the way, I started to wear my ugly over size Crocs again..I don't like wearing Crocs but at this point,it's the only thing that fits me and its a size 11 :eek: It feels like I'm wearing huge bulky clown shoes! LOL
Hi Jane,

I believe Arthritis will make a difference to what procedure to do on your foot based on what I have read so far. So sorry to hear that even driving now is causing you pain. Time to get an automatic :D You are absolutely right about the swelling. Even comparing my own two feet, the degree of their swelling is also different. My right foot was the less problematic one prior to surgery, but I know during surgery, that foot was "congested/oozy" according to my surgeon. So I guess somehow there may also be more insult to the right foot also, so it responds differently than my other foot. So yah, we all heal in our own sweet time :)
Hi Pearl, sounds like you are doing fantastic! The sexy shoes you described sounds like the Darco shoes i wore too. They are wedge like with the weight bearing on your heels and the toes are much higher off the ground? I wore those for only 4 weeks. After that I wore the flat velcro ones. are right, every doctor is different, and the follow up care differs as well. Mine just left them unwrapped after the sutures were removed. He didn't recommend any splints either. I am just playing my own doctor and do whatever I think is good for my feet lol

There shouldn't be anything embarrassing about sitting in the wheelchairs, milk it while you can lol Your incisions sound small and nice! That's great! I'd never iced my feet either, I only did the elevation and stayed off my feet.

I don't know if I can describe the way my big toes lie. If I put my feet down, all my little toes are flat and feel like they are "magnatized" naturally to the ground while no additional pressure or gripping was applied. While my big toe appeared to lie flat on the floor, but when I try to jiggle it with my finger, it jiggles slightly and not firmly put down like my little toes. If I apply deliberate pressure to the big toe by "gripping" the floor with it, then it jiggle just a teeny bit. I am not sure if that means the ball of my foot is still swollen or what.

I am sad to say my right foot is hurting me yesterday and today. This morning, it woke me up. I felt this really strange pain on the base of my big toe but on top. The pain comes and radiates for 2 seconds, goes away, and comes back again. Kept happening for quite a while. I think I may have overdone it at the gym yesterday. Since my physio started, I try to apply what I learned there by using the machines at the gym and I deliberately exercised the forefoot by putting more pressure on them. *sigh* Oh, now I have graduated from my sneakers to my Columbia Tevas! thank's just too darn hot here in the desert!

Jane is probably busy shopping for an automatic :D and Laurie is having the time of her life planning her mysterious trip to celebrate her anniversary ;). Have fun, girls!

history: I am 8 weeks post op yesterday! :D Scarf bilateral osteotomies without Akin. 2 screws each foot :D

Take care and Happy recovery everyone!
Hi everyone,have noticed this last week that my incisions are still tender especialy the right foot When the doctor took out the stitches on the top of each foot [the ones inside are dissovleable] he sprayed that spray bandage over each of them and it stung like crazy for a good 10 mins. Later on that night the right foot was still giving me grief but taking 2 painkillers went away.Well its been just over a week and the right foot still experiences sharp pain now and again is this normal? My foot is bandaged up so its not as if i can see anything do you think its a sign that the foot is healing,
the left one only niggles me now and again.Its now been 3 weeks and 2 days since my op. I only see the doctor in 3 weeks time.

Happy Feet everyone:wave:
Hi Beetroot,

I had the scarf/akin surgey done on my left foot last Sunday. Generally, it was not too bad. The pain after the block wore off was quite severe, but painkillers dealt with that. Word of advice try to avoid codeine painkillers, as they tend to make one constipated. I'm using Ibroprofen and paracetamol and this works fine.
I'm now able to put weight on foot, and walk with stick, however the pain is clearly noticeable, but bearable.
The swelling is still there. I keep my feey elevated for much as I can.
I have two youngsters 6 and 4, but my partner has been helping out. I think you will need some form of help at home for the first week minimum.
Hope this helps. Incidentally, whose doing your surgery doctor or poditrist?

Good luck for your surgery, and let me know how you get on.
Earthworm and Pearl, you two make me smile with your description of your "foot/feet"" adventures.
I need to remember that you are experiencing winter Pearl. I shouldn't imagine you frolicking in the water. I had two pins, and felt absolutely no pain when they were removed. They weren't in a toe joint though, so the removable may not be comparable to your toe. The POD had to tug a bit on one, but the other one slid right out. My recovery seemed to speed up after the pin removal. The suture removal was much more unpleasant. I hope the removal is painless for you too.
Earthworm, you are the globe trotter! Is it humid in the Cook Islands? I know that humid weather can cause swelling.
We spent every morning on the beach, swimming and using the boogie board.
My toe became sore from pushing off in the sand, but it recovered fine.
My toe won't get better, but the doctor said exercising and walking won't make it worse, and that was what I wanted to hear. No excuses not to get off my tush and move around. I'll wait for surgery as long as possible. My original goal was at least three years because my son will have his driver's license by then and won't be marooned. I'm a social worker in a High School and have the summer off, so I would plan surgery during that time.
I think my husband and son are pleased not to be caretakers for a few more years. They did a great job, but were glad when I could start doing more for myself. Glad you are out and about, keep having fun, but don't overdo.
Jane you said you felt no pain in the removal of your pins thats good so that does give me a bit of encouragement. My right foot is bandaged up a lot more than my left whether it is because of the pin or because it was the worst foot of the two . My bandages now after over 3 weeks are a little tatty to say the least so when i have been out lately i have found a pair of socks that go over each of the bandages that makes me feel a little better [went out for a manicure today now that did make me feel better.] On looking more closely at my toe with the pin in yes i do have stiches in the joint but my toe is on an angle towards my little toe and not at all straight like it used to be [except for the hammertoe] does this mean that when the pin comes out,my second toe stays on the angle or will it go back to its original position. Please does any body know?:confused:
Earthworm take it easy on those feet of yours your only a couple of weeks ahead of me i think in recovery and i couldnt imagine having a huge holiday like you. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

[QUOTE=aimski;4107630]Hey!! first 4 days for you was it?? wow I am so envious of everyone who had an ok time of it!! my feet feel like I have whailes attached to both my legs:dizzy:

They are super heavy and throbby and achy (sorry for all the complaints)

Like I said I feel envious of you guys...but it is nice to hear stories of how people say it has been worth while and they are happy with the results!! I am hanging onto that, because right now I don't feel like that!

happy recoveries people!!:p[/QUOTE]

Hey aimski, that really depends on the extent and procedure of your surgery so if you had had a lot done, then I am sure the pain may be prolonged. Are you elevating your feet at all times? If you have to take pain killers specifically anti-inflammatories, take them, don't try to be brave :D Just hang in there!!

Wow...dawnyd!! i am most impressed with your recovery!! Great job! Isn't the Scarf great?! :D I am so glad I had that done too (with Akin tho)..albeit the 2 screws in each foot :( Lucky you, girl!!!
[QUOTE=earthworm88;4107956]Hey aimski, that really depends on the extent and procedure of your surgery so if you had had a lot done, then I am sure the pain may be prolonged. Are you elevating your feet at all times? If you have to take pain killers specifically anti-inflammatories, take them, don't try to be brave :D Just hang in there!!

Wow...dawnyd!! i am most impressed with your recovery!! Great job! Isn't the Scarf great?! :D I am so glad I had that done too (with Akin tho)..albeit the 2 screws in each foot :( Lucky you, girl!!![/QUOT

Amski, just hang on in there. It might not seem like it at the moment, but I'm sure it has all been worth it. Remember also I only had one foot done. If you've had more than you'll experience more discomfort.

Great that you have parent helping you out.

Earthworm - the scarf/akin surgery is incredible. Anybody who is thinking about surgery should really consider this procedure and discuss with their pod/surgeon.

Take Care

[QUOTE=Dawnyd;4108552][QUOTE=earthworm88;4107956]Hey aimski, that really depends on the extent and procedure of your surgery so if you had had a lot done, then I am sure the pain may be prolonged. Are you elevating your feet at all times? If you have to take pain killers specifically anti-inflammatories, take them, don't try to be brave :D Just hang in there!!

Wow...dawnyd!! i am most impressed with your recovery!! Great job! Isn't the Scarf great?! :D I am so glad I had that done too (with Akin tho)..albeit the 2 screws in each foot :( Lucky you, girl!!![/QUOT

Amski, just hang on in there. It might not seem like it at the moment, but I'm sure it has all been worth it. Remember also I only had one foot done. If you've had more than you'll experience more discomfort.

Great that you have parent helping you out.

Earthworm - the scarf/akin surgery is incredible. Anybody who is thinking about surgery should really consider this procedure and discuss with their pod/surgeon.

Take Care


Hey guys,

I'm sure you will think me stupid for this but, I really don't get the difference between scarf/akin etc.... I had the scarf on both. what is the difference?:confused:

and Dawnd, yes it did 'dawn' on me later that you only had the one foot done, so I am sure that will half the pain and recovery time ;) I don't regret my choice to do both at once, but I can really see how much easer life would be if I had!!!!
cheers guys happy days!!:wave:
[QUOTE=aimski;4109870]Hey earthworm
thanks for your reply...from what I can gather you are the old hand at seems you are one of the ones who has been post-op the longest...
I admit I am still a little confused, Iím sure my Dr talked about shaving the bone and correcting the bend....I can't believe I am not 100% what procedure I had!! Perhaps I am much to trusting..I did do some research and asked my PD and sister GP for advice, but I am clearly not one for the details

hmmmm, either way I do have screws in though (and do they come out 6 weeks or so?)

I was reading back over your have been very busy since the op, that is amazing~~ how long after the op were you trekking and swimming and sightseeing etc??

what do you do for work? how long were you off? sorry if you have said this all before..I wasn't able to piece everything together

Do you mind if I ask how old you are??

I'm 28.....feel like I am about 108 right now though...they way I groan when I get out of the wheelchair and transfer to the couch

thanks again

Hi aimski,

Sometimes the saying ignorance is bliss is true :D I did a lot of research online and read some chapters on podiatry lol before my surgery. I was really scared about the possible complications etc after reading a lot of posts. The week before surgery I was really see-sawing about my decision of whether to go ahead with the surgery or not, as I was really nervous about the bad outcome of having more pain than before the surgery and also I had to travel to another country to get the surgery and would be staying at a hotel for the recovery. But my OS went through everything with me and the possible complications based on my foot anatomy ie bipartite sesamoid bones which was one small and one big size (it's like having a bicycle with a big wheel and a small wheel)! But looking back, it was one of the best decisions I had ever made!

I am not sure about yours, but mine have two permanent screws on each foot. I hope and pray they will stay nice and snug in there for the rest of my life :D I do know that some people had dissolvable screws (newer tech I think) and some had to have their permanent screws removed later on because they had come out and started rubbing on nerves and such. The general rule was if they don't bother you, you don't touch them :)

My first serious trip of a lot of walking was a little over six weeks post op. I must admit, my feet hurt at the end of the day and they were swollen. What hurt was actually my heels more than anything (i subconsciously avoided the balls of my feet). Since then, I had gone travel every month after that and each trip my feet got easier and easier :)

I am 10 years your senior :D You being so young is definitely an advantage as I think that young people tend to heal faster as well. I am in the medical field, but I am currently not working so I didn't have the pressure of time as some of the posters had to get back to work etc. I did both feet cuz I had to fly out to get the surgery done and the hospital fees were rather steep as well. Knowing myself, I would be impatient if one foot was operated on and one wasn't. That's when people start to get antsy and do more then they were supposed to and get into trouble sometimes. This way, I was completely out of commision for a time and then both feet had to learn together, so I would not favor one vs another. So I am really happy both were done at the same time :D I am sure you are too ;)

Haha...i know what you mean about feeling old. I can't believe it's been 21 weeks since that anxious day in the OR! Time flies, before you know it, you will be jumping and dancing all over town ;)

Be sure to take it easy as much as you can. I have heard people overdoing it in the beginning causing more swelling or having stress fracture to other bones and ended up complete no weight bearing for even longer time. Literally two steps forward one step back :D

Happy healing!!


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