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Hi Earthworm.

My second toe did have the pin inserted for 7 weeks before it was pulled out.
The toe is fused up to the first ridge in the toe but seems to sit up above the other toes on an angle. When i push it down with my hand it is quite rigid and pops back up.I have been taping it down as the physio told me now for a week. It hasnt made any difference but i will continue. When i sit i push and hold it down and stretch it out as much as i can. My second toe on each foot is slightly longer than the big toe.

I phoned my OS yesterday and he still says to do the exercises he said there is surgery that would help it by shortening of the toe, i really do not want more surgery as that would be more time of work and im not sure whether i could cope. I do not know what type of hammertoe sugery he did i thought there was only one type.:confused: He also said with the big toe still a little swollen it might take a little longer and did not think it would be that causing me to limp a little. He said to make an appointment in 4-6 weeks to see him again. So i have to really concentrate when i walk on that foot that i connect the toe to the floor, and do the bending toe exercises.

Cheers :)

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