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Hello Pearl,

Sorry for the delay. This is my third attempt at sending this. I was getting so frustrated as the first time I sent, the whole thing disappeared cuz the time was too long. The second time I tried to sent, the explorer crashed. So hopefully third time is the charm lol

There are actually many different techniques to correct hammertoe, but three are commonly performed, or a combination of them in other cases. Based on your description, sounds like you had arthrodesis which the entire joint was removed and pin used to fixate for a period of time to correct your hammertoe. If that is the case, the possible complications of that is floating toe and rigidity. I completely understand your reservation about thinking of having another surgery to correct the outcome of the first surgery which you are still trying to recuperate from. It is definitely very frustrating, but the best you can do now is do what your PT recommends and wait for your next appointment with your OS.

On the other hand, don't forget that you had a lot of work done to that foot, not only the bunionectomy, but the Atkin of the big toe and then the hammertoe. So your healing process could have been compounded by all that's going on and may take longer time to heal. The swelling and scar tissues could play a major role in that as well. I only had bunionectomy done with the ligament cut in between big toe and second toe, but I know my second toe was sore up to sometimes too. So I can't imagine what it would be like for a little toe that had done major surgery on. Hopefully someone who went through the same thing you are going through now can give you some reassurances.

Take good care! I am sure you look back now and thought how worried you were about your big toe and now it's doing much better than ever. So hang in there!


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