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oh, that sucks. I almost don't want to tell you how mine ended up. (if it even has, indeed, ended). Before the surgery to remove the screw, the surgeon decided it might be a good idea to to do a cat-scan. Turns out of the three bone fusions, one had healed partially, the others not at all and the bones and screws were basically clunking around together inside my foot. I've had RA since I was a teenager, but never any other dx, but, long story short, turns out I now also have osteoporosis. Which is why nothing healed. Again, long story short, had the damn thing redone, this time w/ a post-surgical bone growth stimulator and 7 mos post am the closest I've been to healed so far. I'm not completely convinced that we're done w/ this foot but due to labor dispute at work and my surgeon dropping out of my insurance network in the middle of this whole thing (without telling me-gotta love this healthcare system) I'm giving it a bit of time. I will say this-if your doc suggests a bone stimulator (which costs over $5000.00, btw) it actually might be a good idea. I initially thought it was a bunch of hocus-pocus but it def made a difference. Good luck and let us know how it turns out!

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