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I am 60+ a healthy person,almost regular walker 4-5 km daily,no overweight,no BP,bit higher cholestrol,diabatic on margin,no medicine. These conditions for last 6-7 yrs. Feet bottom started burning since 1-1/2 yr at night after 20-30 mintue in bed.lately burning start in evening even while sitting.No problem while walking.

Please analyse reasons and sugest remedy? My mother used to complain of this she lived nearly 100.
I have the burning of feet, and it does not bother me until I sit down and raise my feet, or while I am laying in bed, drives me nuts. Mine is associated with fibromyalgia for which I take Lyrica and Cymbalta, it helps a lot. It is also associated with Nuropathy.

My feet burn from plantar faciitis. It happens when I've been on my feet for extended periods of time not just at night. I put ice on the bottom of my feet.

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