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Thanks for your suggestions and sharing your experience. It was my family doctor who saw me...he said that depending on the X-ray, he would either put me in a boot or else have me see a specialist to do something more complicated, e.g., a pin. I had done some searches on the Internet prior to seeing him. He wasn't especially forthcoming about his diagnosis, I had to ask him if it was the 5th metatarsal and if it was a stretched or torn ligament or a bone fracture. So to tell you the truth, I don't know if it is a Jones fracture rather than an avulsion fracture (at least it's not a listfrac apparently).

I am starting to wear the aircast boot all the time except when I sleep or go swimming (or want a few hours' break) when I am home. I am already spooked by the idea of the metatarsal not healing or else healing very very slowly

At the start I really hated wearing it, as I take my shoes off always when I come home and because it is so heavy and uncomfortable.

And I advise everyone I bump into to not wear sandals, even good ones, when hiking.

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