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[QUOTE=DancingFeet;4101856]Hi everyone - I'm new to these boards, and have been reading all of your posts about bunionectomies with great interest. I am a 50-year old female, and I'm having an Austin Bunionectomy on Wednesday, 10/21. Does anyone have any hot tips about how to prepare for this? I am cleaning my house, bought comfortable clothing, bought groceries, set up a recliner and organized things I think I am going to need, and got my pain med prescription filled. From what I have read (and what the doctor said), it sounds like I need to prepared to be lying around with my foot up for quite a while. I have never had to do anything like this before, so I don't really know what to expect! Any advice you can offer would be appreciated. Also, any advice for coping with the first couple of days after the surgery. I hear it can be pretty bad (eek). I have to admit I am getting a little nervous![/QUOTE]

Hi, I had my Austin 10/2 and have been amazed at how quickly I am gaining mobility. I used crutches for like 2-4 days before feeling comfortable enough to start putting pressure on air boot. Every day foot feels a bit more stable. I had absolutely zero pain at surgical center. Even the IV was painless as they used a bit of lidocaine before inserting.

I did use the hydrocodone/tylenol for first 2-3 days. Day 2 had some discomfort, but completely manageable. I kept waiting for horrible discomfort and it just never happened. At bandage change 5 days post-op I didn't have hardly any swelling or bruising. I had diligently keep my foot elevated and iced though so I think that really made a difference.

The night before surgery I was so nervous I barely slept so I completely understand your pre-op nerves. I had never had anything like this either. It sounds like you've taken all steps to get yourself set at home. I do hope someone is available to assist you for at least the first day if not a few days following. My mother was a godsend and cooked for me and my family for 3 days. Having crackers, drinks, etc. at my bed was very helpful too, particularly for putting a little something in my stomach while taking pain meds.

Rest assured that you will be through this and on the mend in no time. Very Best of luck! : )

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