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I was thinking of travelling 7 weeks after my surgery date, but am not sure if that will be ample time for me to be in at least a moderate walking condition. So for those of you who have had the surgery, how long did it take for you to be walking at a moderate pace again in let's say a sandal?[/QUOTE]


I had bunionectomies (Scarf) on both feet with 2 permanent screws on each but no Akins done to my big toes. I travelled on the plane 3 weeks post-op. for 8 hrs, I wore compression shocks that one can get from the pharmacy. The swelling was a bit a unpleasant but thank goodness I was able to keep them off the floor. I did my first serious travel a little over 6 weeks post-op, I was able to walk with sneakers on but I had to be slow and concentrate on each steps. But at the end of the day, my heels would start to hurt, I think I just tried to avoid using the balls of my feet subconsciously (when I forgot to concentrate or in a hurry). I only wore dressy sandals once at the wedding toward the end of the trip. I felt a bit unstable with them on, and the feet were swollen at the end of the night and the skin felt unpleasant from the sandals. Since you have a bit more done than mine, I think serious walking with sandals may be a bit unrealistic (having said that, everyone's healing is different, so you may be one of the lucky few ;)). So it may be safer to have your sneakers along and plan on wearing them for a lot of walking.

Here is my timeline:
week 0 to week 4 --> Reversed Platform surgical shoes (heels walking)
week 4 to week 5 --> flat surgical shoes at home, sneakers outside
week 5 to week 9 --> Sneakers in and outdoor
week 9 to week 12 --> Tevas
week 12 to week 13 -> flat sandals (half inch)- not great as heels hurt
week 13 onwards --> 2 inch wedges (to retrain myself to walk on the balls)

This is just for your reference as I mentioned everyone heals differently based on the extent of the surgical procedures and personal factors etc. Hope you have a quicker recovery. Swelling is the biggest annoyance of the entire healing process :D


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