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I had a big toe joint replaced in February. Prior to the surgical procedure I was supposed to have a bone chip removed from the big toe joint as the podiatrist indicated that the problem did not appear to be severe. This is by a podiatrist that told me he never had a surgical outcome he was dissatisfied with and that he would have me back to my active lifestyle in a matter of months.

Instead, I am basically a cripple today as I type. Upon awakening from anesthesia I was told that after the incision was made that the damage inside the joint as severe, that there was no cartilage remaining in the joint and an artificial toe joint was implanted. After the surgery, the surgical bandages were removed at the two week point and there was some incision healing problems so the incision was cleaned and rebandaged.

The next week the doctor removed the bandages and informed me to stop using the surgical shoe and go back to wearing my normal shoes. I followed all of his instructions at all times and never deviated from what he informed me was proper post surgical care. He told me to use my regular running shoes even though the foot was very swollen and the foot barely fit inside the shoe.

After 4-5 days of intense pain and new pain on the bottom of the foot I was told to return to his office. I suggested that the shoe was way to small and he put me back in the surgical boot for a week. The next week he put me back in regular shoes. The whole time I kept telling him after he intially put me in the regular shoes at the 3 week point that I was having major pain on the bottom of the foot.

Now it is 9 months later, the pain is intense, I cannot walk regularly and it has caused a strange gait where now my other foot, lower back and neck are all major problems from walking abnormally. I also now have major pain in the area around the artificial toe joint and my foot is so swollen it it hurts to wear a sock. This is while taking anti-inflammatories and major narcotics for the back and neck problems that have now developed.

The two doctors in the practice claim their post operative care was done following proper protocol and that in less than 1 percent of these surgeries people have problems. Their explanations have ranged the gambit from capsulitis, a possible torn tendon in the second toe joint and that some times by shortening the big toe with a toe joint that it causes a problem where they would have to remove part of the second toe joint. Can anyone tell me if the post surgical care was proper and who I should see as the two podiatrists in the same practice cannot agree. Oh, the ultrasound of the big toe joint shows it working correctly. Thanks.


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