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I had bunion surgery 10 months ago and still in the recovery mode. grr. I wanted to let you know that my foot was bruised a lot, too. My ortho doc who is a foot specialist told me to expect the bruising and not to worry. My foot was black and blue for ages but it gradually went away-like maybe two months.

As far as the toe stuff, my toe was numb for a long time but I gradually noticed that sensation was coming back. It was probably 6 months before I had full sensation back in my toe.

I didn't experience much pain immediately after surgery. He did a block and I found that as long as I elevated my foot and kept ice on it, I was pretty pain free. I did sit with my foot up for almost a month. I also slept with my foot up on pillows. I was on crutches for probably a month and then I used a cane for another month or so.

When I was trying to do the "heel walk" which is common in folks who had this kind of surgery, I had some discomfort in my heel area. I just went back to my crutches to give my foot a break.

As far as driving goes, I was left bunion person but another friend of mine who had his right foot done couldn't drive for 6 months. It was probably that long before I could use my parking brake. I couldn't release it with my left foot at all.

Foot surgery it pretty intense. I, too, have never had any ortho surgery. Fixing your foot is a big deal because you use your feet all day. I am certainly glad that I waited until I retired to do it. I had a stand on your feet and walk all day kind of job and I couldn't have gone back in 6 weeks.

Ten months out, I still have foot pain. My toes don't work-they are still swollen and don't bend-and I have this puddle of fluid that collects on the top of my foot. Now my arch hurts, too, which can go along with this kind of surgery. I have given up on a painfree foot. I am released to go back to yoga which I have done for years and to walk and ride my bike. So I just do it even though it hurts. I keep thinking it will help with the stiffness I have in the area under and over my toes. I am still wearing a much bigger shoe-I went from a 7.5 narrow to a 9 wide. Sneakers are my friend because they are the only shoe I can wear. I am going skiing next week so I am interested in seeing how that goes. Can't be any worse....I hope.


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