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:wave::angel:I am glad I came across this site. I am an active 40 yr old.I am having bilateral foot surgery in a few weeks. The bunion pain and the pain below my middle toes(where I bear all of my weight) is too much. I am having the procedure where a section of the first metatarsal on each foot will be removed. And the big toe will be straightened out. I can't help but think about having every thing in place at my house to allow mobility around the house. I have a few questions if anyone can help :)
* What are the best types of crutches or walking aids to use when both feet are impacted?
* Any tips for the basics of life, like getting up from the bed, taking a bath/shower, or going to the bathroom.
* Suggestions for exercises during the recovery period. This could be legs,core, upper body, swimming, biking, anything. Does anyone have any good resources(websites,journals,testimonials)
* Suggestions for helping my poor wife who will be with me most of the time. Any ideas for expressing my gratitude to her??
* Are there any good supplements/herbs/medicines that can increase healing time?
* And any other feedback?

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="Green"]Hi BB,

3 days to go!! Good Luck! You should be pretty prepared for the big day, with all the advice flying around these things !:p

You asked if I would keep you updated.... I am 4 1/2 weeks post op and I am feeling really good!! You asked if this is where I thought I would be...and I would say, I am better then where I thought I would be! To be honest I was giving myself the worst case scenario almost, but I just had my 3rd half day back at work and I just feel great :D Sure my right foot is still a bit swollen but the other foot feels perfect. The wound on my left foot is healing really well too.

I only have 2 real concerns left -
1. Should I be worried about the stiffness in my big toes? I was not told to do any exercises and everything I read says do them once your DR. gives you the I am pondering that right now
and 2. When will I drive again? I miss doing things for myself. I can't even walk to the bus station right now- so hubby is my live in driver:dizzy:
I am just praying that on the 30th when I go for my 6 week check up and the boots comes off (thank God) driving will somehow just be ok again ....sure I will have some sessions with Geoff for a while, but I am just hoping that in 2 weeks time driving will just be a-ok!!:cool:

Good luck once again, I'm sure you will be fine:D


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