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Hi Tara,
I really do hope that the surgeon has some precise and good answers for you this time. To answer your question, I had 4 incisions, 1 on each side right behind the ankle bone and one in the middle of the those 2 on the achilles part of the heel and of course the incision whole on the bottom of the heel where the screw went in. All 4 do give me a deep burning type itch at times, but I also know that is caused from the heeling from deep inside and the tiny little nerves surrounding the areas, usually if there is any amount of swelling, it will also cause a slight stretching of the skin, and with an incision, the skin is very thin because the tissue has to have time to rebuild it self, and that takes quite awhile, thus causing the skin to be much thinner and with it stretching it does cause that burning itching sensation that you can't seem to scratch, because it is on the inside of your foot rather then on the outside. I know it is very frustrating, but I had to mentally take myself to a different place every time I felt like this was just never going to end or get better. I usually call a friend or watch a funny movie so I can laugh at something. It does help for a little while. I make sure that I wear my compression sock every day to help keep the swelling to a very minimum, and that has helped more then anything else. If I don't wear it, my foot will look like it was pumped full of air by the end of the day and just hurt and itch to the point that all I wanted to do was go to sleep and put it out of my mind. I do still wear the cam boot, but I am now at a point that I don't need it all day long. I can now wear tennis shoes for part of the day, especailly for while before I start my physical therapy so my foot gets used to it. Then I do the ice for awhile after each session I do, which is 3 times a day, so I have now gotten used to doing my sessions every 4 hours and I don't do any therapy on the weekends. I am really seeing a great improvement. The hardest part I am having right now is getting the muscle built up in the calf and thigh area, I didn't think that would take this long to do, but the doctor reminded me that I have been suffering from this problem for nearly a year and it had caused the muscles in whole right leg to shrink considerably. I saw my doctor last Tuesday and he said I right on schedule with the whole healing process, and was quick to remind me that I am going to have "good days" - "fair days" and some "not so good days". But that I just need to be patient, because this type surgery is a huge one and it seriously takes up to a whole year for the complete healing process to complete. Feet and hands are the most complexed parts of the body because of all the nerves that are associated with them, and any little inflamation in them after a surgery will set off all kinds of sensations, from pain to swelling to itching. So everything we are going through is totally normal, even though it is frustrating and painful at times. Believe me, if all the problems I was having with my foot hadn't been happening for almost a year, I wouldn't have nearly as much patience as I do now. So you have to remember, there are seriously going to be good, fair and bad days, so I remind myself that I was told this would happen. Have you discussed doing physical therapy with your doctor? I seriously think it will help you a tremendous amount. If he hasn't said anything about it, then you really do need to tell him you need it. It does make a huge difference. Please do let me know what he has to say when you go and see him and keep me posted as I will too.


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