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On 11/19/09, I had both tailor's bunions repaired or, at least, that is what was supposed to have been done. When bandages were removed, 2 weeks post-op, the DPM said, when examining the right tailor's bunion, "I'm not happy." I said, "If you're not happy, how do you think I feel?" I said that because, that was the only pain I felt as soon as waking from anesthesia and, over 2 months later, it hasn't stopped.
The screw in the right foot is sticking out at the 2 o'clock position. The screw in the left foot is facing straight forward. Neither leave me able to do any type of lateral move.
Not only that, but neither the right nor the left one were not done correctly. There are 3 types of tailor's bunions: 1st is an enlarged metatarsal head; 2nd is metatarsal bowing; and 3rd is increased angle between 4th & 5th metatarsals. The 3rd type is what I had, and still have, bilaterally.
A chevron osteotomy with linear capsulotomy was used for both bunions. In order to reduce the angle between the 4th & 5th metatarsals, the procedure to be used - which gives a greater correction - is the midshaft diaphyseal oblique osteotomy.
I brought it to the DPM's attention on 12/29. His answer to the problem? Why, he kicked me out of the office.
I sure hope someone is able to learn from my experience. As I'm quite poor, financially, I have no recourse but to report him to the state. And, I'm not able to hike or do step aerobics - the only activities that can get me out of bed every day. Everything should go out in tomorrow's mail.
Wow! I had bilateral tailors bunion surgery a year and a half ago. Both were type II I believe, though many years ago someone tried to tell my the right was type III. I did a chevron osteotomy on the right with a temporary pin. The left we decided to just shave off the enlarged portion of bone because the bowing was not bad knowing and it would allow both feet to be done at once (right was NWB). I was aware that if it didn't work out I would return and do the chevron on the left too. I love my doctor. He just did my ankle surgery.

Good luck with everything. Hope you find a way to get the doctor to correct his mistakes. Of course, you have to suffer through and that is not fun at all.

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