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hey everyone!!! It's funny- I felt all 'at home' seeing these familiar names weighing in on this topic!! ;-) How are you- earthworm, pearl and northwind!!?

To answer the question (in my opinion)- I had bilateral scarf bunionectomy- and I say- ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON for sure!! mine was a foot and ankle specialist, and even though he had the communication skills of a mute, his reputation (for doing a great job) was brilliant, and I trusted him completely!! And I must say the truth is in the pudding as they say- as he told me at my 3 month check up that my feet looked so good I didn't need to come back for the 6 monther (unless something dramatic happens).
AND I must admit I have heard1 or 2 horror stories about people who had a POD do the surgery.....sorry- that's just what I have heard!
Feet are way to important to not put them in the hands of people who have studied something so specific for 10+ years.... that's my opinion anyway...BUT the key really is the type of surgery ...and I must say - someone may prove me wrong here- but in Australia (where I'm from) I'm just not sure pod's doing full on surgery is as common....Pearl are you from Aus? Would you say that was true? I have had some great pods in my time but I would not let them anywhere near my feet with a scalpel;-)

I had a desk job so- so 4 weeks off work was perfect for me!! To be completly honest I could have gone back after 3 (but I milked it) shhhhh don't tell anyone ;-)

I did need to elevate it at work for a few weeks though (and as I could 't ACTUALLY elevate it above my heart while typing) it took some time to feel better-
My guess is- if you went back to a standing job after 3 weeks you would be throbbing like mad by the end of each day.... I would allow for as much time as possible and if you get to go back earlier it's a bonus!!


I wore heels for the first time since my op ( 4.5 months ago) LAST NIGHT-and it was much better then I expected- sure my toes felt quite tired at the end of the evening, but all things considered it was very encouraging!!
I think I really need to accept a life 95% in flats though :angel:
In my opinion I don't really think that there would be a difference in terms of the cosmetic result- i don't think orthos would like a reputation of being a slasher (word gets around) ;-)

As I have said before, running and wearing heels (with less pain then I had pre-op) were the 2 things left for me to achieve-

Well I can run and wear heels now- but sadly it is not with out painÖ.interestingly it is a different kind of pain (as obviously I havenít got bunions getting in the way any more) but they just donít have that flexibility- and they get very crabby if they get pushed to far!
Surgeon says that by the 1 year mark I will be 100%- so I guess I have a good few months to go- with that in mind I have happy with my progress!! I just canít wait for the day when I am running along and itís my fitness that makes me stop, not my feet burning up !!!

Anyway- enough of me- take care everyone!!! xxx :[COLOR="DarkGreen"][SIZE="4"][FONT="Book Antiqua"][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

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