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Hi Everyone~

I was born with bunions. As a child, my mother consulted a podiatrist, who recommended leaving them alone until I was an adult and only treat if they became a problem. I'm thinking about having the Austin Bunionectomy. Doing the left foot first, then then the right.

I haven't seen anything posted that talks about the scars. Are they bad? How long before swelling stops occuring? Is swelling something that I'll live with forever, ie after long walks? I read stories that spoke of swelling 6-8 wk post op, when walking or after wearing shoes. At what point is there no swelling and the feet return to normal?

At work, I do a lot of standing and walking. The pain is bad after 8-10 hrs of working. I wear comfortable shoes, Ecco, Italian Comfort shoes, EasySpirit, Naturlizers, etc.

I can't wear cute shoes that are narrow and I'm self concious of the bunions so I don't wear open toes or flip flops...and I live in Florida on a beach...hahahaha Tight, pointy, or high heeled shoes are unbearable, in my 20's and 30's, I could do wear them with no problem, maybe a little redness at the bunions (i'm 43).

So, I want to have the surgery. Today, I had a consult with an "oldtimer" who is highly recommended by my dr and nurse friends. And I know people, who know people, (haha) that have been patients of this doctor. All I hear is positive and wonderful comments.

After, speaking with him today, I like him alot. He was patient, personable, took time to explain everything, gave me copies of my x-rays and jotted notes; he was really a nice guy. He said that post surgery, I'd leave in a boot, he could get me driving in a week, riding a bike in 1-2 weeks. He also said that I'd have strong pain meds for 2 weeks, but after week 1 that I'd probably need only 1 or 2 per day. It sounds like if I follow his intructions, elevate the foot, ice it, that I would have a great and speedy recovery.

He's performed over 1500 of these surgeries, so I am confident in him. I'm just not as confident in having the surgery after hearing these tales. It almost doesn't sound worth it; the pain, the swelling forever, odd sensations. Does any of this ever stop? I do not want to have swollen feet for the rest of my life, just from walking. My sister suffers from swollen ankles and feet (she retains fluids) all the time, and she is so uncomfortable when it happens. It sounds like this is something that people suffer from after having the surgery. Is this temporary or is it something that I'll have to deal with forever? If this is going to be my new problem, then Ill live with my bunions.

The problem could be, that a lot of people come to discuss problems or complications, so that may be why I'm hearing a lot of horror stories or negative posts, until someone responds letting them know otherwise.

Any insight would be awesome.

Thanks :-)

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