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Hi there,

I'm not sure if you're still looking for an orthopedic surgeon but I highly recommend Dr. Michael Kliman at St. Joseph in Etobicoke right by the Gardiner Express. You can read his reviews online and he had a 4.8/5 review the last time I checked. I'm afraid to ask where you had your first surgery done.

My first surgery was for my left foot in May 2010 and I was back at work 5 weeks later. The second surgery for the right foot was in September 2010 and I was back at work 4 weeks later. I started wearing regular shoes at 5 weeks and started walking around in boots with 2.5inch heels. by 6 weeks. Dr. Kliman gave me the nod to play sports at 2.5 months.

I get my final release from him next tuesday (March 8, 2011) to put an end to my years of bunion pain. He's a very approachable and friendly guy and you will see that he takes great pride in his work. I remember hearing him say to his assistant at the end of my first surgery to take note of the alignment and to praise how perfect it looks. If i wasn't in cloud 9 from the drugs, I would've laughed.

However, the result of how well your feet recover highly depend on you (i would say about 75-80%). If you do read all the various information all over the net, it would say this too. I was told by a specialist over a year before my surgeries that most people are iron and vitamin D deficient which greatly affects bone growth/health and was instructed to take 4X the daily value and to boost my immune system so I can be at my best for surgery as it would greatly reduce my healing time. I even turned down physio therapy (Kliman was okay with it since he saw how fast I was healing and crazy active even as a temporarily crippled person). You can flex the joint yourself in lieu of physio as long as your methods generate results. That is also the very reason I was instructed to wear heels in such a short period of time. If the pressure is tolerable, it is recommended to wear shoes with a little heel in order to add pressure with your own weight on the joint to flex.

Anyways...enough of my rambling. Hope you find all of this information usefull. Cheers!

[QUOTE=elegantlady;4195083]i am looking for a good orthopedic surgeon who can fix my bunion problem. i did the surgery in Sept 2008, the surgery TURN OUT 'SOUR', and i lost my job right after it too. My foot was 100 times WORSE than before. i wish i did not do the surgery. Now i am looking for a orthopedic surgeon who can fix the problem. Can you please help ?[/QUOTE]

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