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Hi Sportgirl,
I had the Evans Procedure which is a wedge of cadaver bone put into the outside of the heel to lenghten the outside of the foot and force the instep to pop up into an arch. I also had an accessory navicular removed, the tendon tightened and tacked down, and a gastroc release on 2/4/10. I have a plate and four long screws into the side of my heel.

So far I am doing very well, painwise, I think. I take 1 Tramadol 50 a day and as long as I wear a compression sock if I am out and about and raise it up when I get home I am fine.

I moved into our downstairs guestroom with its own shower and I love it. Everyone once in a while I make my way upstairs to sleep with my husband but I am sleeping much better downstairs with a closer bathroom!

Today I went to the pool for the first time. It was awesome. My doctor said I could go in my a naked foot and I was too apprehensive to do that so I went in with an ankle lace-up thing that I had from before. It was great. The cool water felt GREAT on my foot. I walked around carefully in shoulder/neck deep water and I swam a few laps letting my foot trail behind me. It was so freeing. I did actually do some light flutter kicking just to see if I could and that was good too. I would love to get my thigh a little stronger my swimming.

I just started wearing a thick "toe sock" (remember those from the 70s??) and it feels really good on my toes which like to swell up a lot when my foot is down. I know it sounds weird but it feels really comfortable to have my toes a little bit spread out.

I also started to go through the walking motion on my crutches a little more this week. I should do it more but it is so slow. It feels ok doing it as long as I have taken my Tramadol for the day and I can do about 40 pounds of pressure max (tested by walking on the bathroom scale).

My doctors appt last week showed that the bone graft isn't fusing as fast as he would like but he said to go by how it feels rather than the xray.

How's everyone else doing??

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