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[QUOTE=emily1234;4259998]Hi everyone,

Just thought I'd give you an idea of how I personally found surgery (so far!).

I had bunion surgery on both feet and hammertoe surgery on one toe a little over two weeks ago now, and so far it has gone surprisingly brilliantly in terms of pain and discomfort. I can honestly say (which I find a little odd) that I have had no pain whatsoever! Only a sort of pins and needles sensation which I assume is a result of the nerves becoming sensitive again. The only discomfort I have experienced is a slight bruising in one of my big toes, but aside from that I have had no problems. The feet aren't even swollen! The worst part of my surgery has been the frustration of having to lie around alot with my feet elevated. I'm itching to get up and about, but I'm very wary of allowing a steady recovery.

I have found it fascinating to read the broad degrees of pain people have experienced from similar surgeries! Having said that, there are lots of different bunion surgeries available and many other factors come into play when applying such trauma to the feet which would affect a patient's recovery. If I've learnt anything from researching the surgery, its that you can never predict the track of your recovery as it really does differ from person to person. And never forget that people will always be eager to share bad experiences as opposed to good.

The only thing I'm a little apprehensive about now is the pin removal from my (ex) hammertoe! Its odd to think there isn't any pain relief but I'm hoping a couple of painkillers beforehand will help enough.

Hope surgery is going well for anyone concerned! Good luck with everything and think of your lovely new feet!:p[/QUOTE]

Hi Emily,

I had hammertoe and had two toes fused. I wanted to let you know that you don't have to waist your energy on worrying about the pin removal. I was really worried about that also. The doctor pulled them out of my toes and all I could really feel was pressure. It didn't hurt at all. I was not given anything when he removed them. He also removed my stitches the same day. The stitches pulled a little and stung a little but nothing that can't be tolerated. I did not take any pain medication prior to having them removed. My foot was in pain later on that evening from the removal, I took Advil and it was fine after that. Try not to stress!

Good luck!


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