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Had this ssurgery in Dec.2009. Mine was 4 bunions and 8 hammertoes..very extensive and both feet at same time. I had casts for 5 weeks and 18 wires. I didn't have severe pain until I got the casts off and the wires out. At about 7 or 8th week I started having nerve pain in my toes and it lasted on and off for 2 wks...but those toes had been numb for years. The bunion part didn't seem to cause me much pain at all. Getting the wires pulled was not bad. At this point I am still having a lot of swelling but not alot of pain so I am not back to "normal" yet and it has been 5 mo. but U am progressing nicely. I am so glad I had it done, It was painful but well worth it in the end! I suggest you wait til after your trip just in case. Good luck
I am 10 days post op. I had a double-bunionectomy one bunion on each foot, one taylors bunion, baby hammer toe, and two corns removed, way harder to deal with than a single. I hardly had any pain just discomfort and swelling which with all the bandages felt like the circulation was stopping the bloodflow to my feet but my doctor said it was fine. Even with my husband being home for the first 5 days was extremely difficult. He tried helping me to the bathroom but i was better off doing it myself. I sleep on an air matress in the living room. I'd roll off and roll myself in front of the couch turn backwards and use my arm muscle to slide onto couch backwards. I'd have th wheelchair close enough to sit up using my arm muscles again and slide into wheel chair and rolling myself to the bathroom.Make sure the the wheelchair WHEELS ARE ALWAYS LOCKED!! I get close as i can to the entrance of the bathroom take 2 steps on my HEELS and plop onto toilet,what a relief. Getting up was more challenging. To take a bath was somewhat difficult. I'd wheel myself to the bottom of the stairs and sit on the bottom step backwards. I'd pull myself up the stairs once again using my arms and pushing gently with my heels to go up 2 flights. Took me 10 minutes the 1st 3 times now i make it in half the time.Once on top of the stairs, I scoot myself on my bottom into the bathroom scooting backwards. I scoot close to the bathtub, and once again using my arms pulled myself up and over into the bathtub hanging my feet out. It helps to have a removable showerhead so you can give yourself your own . bath. Going down the stairs is way easier. Gotta tell you, I'm 38, out of shape, and weigh 190lbs. But i did it. My arm, stomach, and leg muscles feel stronger. At 5 days post-op i went to my appt. I was extremely nervous. This was my first surgery. I was sweating and wanted to faint. It felt good to have the bandages off. But when they took the tape off my stitches to clean the area I freaked. You might feel a little pulling on the stitches but NO pain. He rewrapped the foot and it's very tight again. My advice, the ELEVATE AND ICE!!!! I'm 10 days post op and I am still elevating and icing. I go back in 5 days which would be 2 weeks and 1 day to get my stitches removed.He said i can then purchase a good running shoe that he recommended but will still need bedrest for another week or two. I can wear the running shoe or the boot whichever feels more comfortable. I will continue wearing the boot because I don't think i feel comfortable enough right now to fit my foot in a shoe.Also for you women out there, try and schedule your sugery a couple of days after your menstral period...
Just has my stitches removed today 15 days post-op, didn't hurt but really stung. I felt clammy and almost fainted. Walking in the boot is very scary now because i no longer have it wrapped. I never had any pain after surgery only uncomfortable feeling of the swollen feet and the extremely tight ace bandage. I'm so happy i had both feet done at the same time. My docotr was Tony Nguyen DPM (orthopedic surgion) San Diego, CA Kaiser Hospital...Awesome guy!!!!

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