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Hi Kate!

I was so glad when I opened my e mail this morning and saw that you had responded. I don't mind your complaining at all as I to am complaining and for good reason! I am 8 weeks post op now and I don't really see much improvement. Each day my foot seems to be the same, no better, no worse. There is always pain except when I sleep at night and I keep it perfectly still. The pain can be managed with Advil or Aleeve but I don't like to take it all the time as I feel it can be harmful to other parts of my body if I use it long term. My last visit was about three weeks ago and my doctor told me to keep my foot elevated most of the time. He gave me a walking boot and said that he wants me to just get used to wearing it. I am not allowed to walk at all yet. I can use my Roll-About scooter to get around the house, but no walking. He told me to put the boot on and stand and put pressure only on my heel. I still have a dressing on my foot that is quite large and puffy on the bottom of my foot. I am not allowed to take the dressing off. When I try to put the boot on and put pressure only on my heel it's impossible as the dressing is to big to puts pressure on the ball of my foot also. I tried it once and decided not to try it again until he takes the dressing off. I did try to keep the boot on while I was sitting with my foot elevated, did it once for about 20 minutes and after I took it off my foot was in a considerable amount of pain for the next 6 hours or so. I took some Aleeve and didn't do that again. I go back to the doctor next Monday the 24th. I will get a more clear picture from him then of exactly how much time I should spend in the boot. If I had it my way I don't want to wear it at all! When I look back I guess I have made progress in terms of being stronger all over. I can be up for about 20 minutes at a time now. The rest of the time I am sitting with my foot up on pillows! I like you am so tired of being in a pile of pillows. I do not work so I guess I am lucky that I have not had to try to get back to a job. I can not drive yet. So, I feel trapped here at my house. Spending 11 weeks in the house is not fun! My husband does work so he is gone most of the day five days a week. I am truly a people person, being home alone all the time has really gotten me very depressed. I am NOT a depressed person at all! My physical therapist told me before the surgery that recovery from this type of surgery is one of the toughest you can experience. I believe him now! I worked with him for about 8 months prior to my surgery in hopes that I could fix my foot with therapy rather than have surgery but there were to many mechanical issues with my foot so I had to have the surgery. I will go back to him for rehab once my doctor gives me the ok. I hired a physical therapist to come to my house once a week. This is one of the best things I did for myself! She comes every Thursday for an hour and 30 minutes and works me out! I had my surgery on a Tuesday and she started coming the next Thursday. She has been invaluable. As you know the rest of your body can become so sore and stiff when you are just sitting around all the time. I have always been into exercising and even used to be an aerobic instructor, but when you are recovering from this type of surgery you need special exercises that will benefit your foot as well as the rest of your body. She has shown me things to do that I never would have known myself. I knew I would have to keep a strong body or I would become even more depressed. I work out at least 5 days a week. What else do I have to do!! I was also worried that not being up much and burning almost NO calories cardio wise I didn't want to get fat. I have managed to keep my weight the same as it was before surgery so I feel good about that. I wonder how long it will really be before I can actually walk with some normalcy. Who knows. I don't even think the doctors know. I think it depends on your body. I would really like to be able to keep my foot down for longer periods of time so I could actually sit at the dinner table with my foot under the table not on top of the table! It would be nice to go out to dinner! It would be nice to get out of this house at all! OK, I will stop complaining now. Thanks for listening. It's nice to know there is someone out there who can really relate to what I am going through. My doctor told me that I am in the top 2% of the most extensive surgeries he does on the foot. I am also a little worried how my foot will feel with two of my toes fused. Are you worried about that? It makes me sad to think that they will never move again. I am trying to be positive for a complete recovery. I did see 7 doctors before I chose the one I chose. He is suppose to be the best around. So far, so good. He is very patient, and understanding. I will keep you posted as I go along. I wish I could give you some grand advice that would help you recover quicker. I feel that time will be the only thing that will heal us. We must be patient. Thanks for listening.

Have the best day of your life!

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