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Hi Amberoo, if your surgery was in Dec 09 then it is still early. I had the big toe fused six months ago, and the incision is still a little sensitive. It was sensitive a couple of months ago too. Be patient.

I ahve a friend who had bunion surgery many years ago when she was 17. She seems to have no foot problems now, and seems to be able to wear most shoes. She certainly wears flip flops.

Good luck.
[QUOTE=lenabbad13;4257181] The scar is minimal ( I am an African-American woman, and it did not keloid!), but it is still very tender... [/QUOTE]

I'm Caucasian and have a very small scar on my left foot (Lapidus 8/09), but have a small keloid on my right foot (Lapidus 12/09). The incision on my right foot didn't heal as easily as the left. My doctor said the inside dissolvable stitches were poking through and irritating my skin, and that's where the keloid formed. It's still purplish, but I was told it could take a year to turn flesh-toned.

I'm surprised that the incision areas are still quite tender! That's where I have the most trouble with my shoes - I can sear sandals and shoes that don't rub the incisions. No heels yet, but I don't see a problem with wearing 1-2" ones soon. I'm more excited to start running than wearing heels!

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