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It's been 6 weeks post-op, your foot might not return to it's "normal" state for upwards of a year. Stop expecting it to be normal so soon after a traumatic surgery.

It's been 9 months since I've had my right foot bunionectomy and 5 months since my left and my feet are still sore. I cannot wear heels because they are too uncomfortable and my feet still aren't back to normal.

Are you working with your toe exercises? These will help increase flexibility in your foot. Are you also rubbing on your incision scar? This will help break up the scar tissue that is forming from your surgery. I recommend getting some Vitamin E oil or mederma gel and rubbing your scar 3-5 times a day. Have patience and know that in time you will be back to normal, but an expectation of being there so soon after surgery is a bit unrealistic.
Hi Danny -

I thought that I would NEVER find another with the concern of wearing high heels again! ;-) I am 39 and have had Pain in great toe joint for 10 years - JUST found out that it is due to arthritis caused by a raised first metatarsal bone. I need a Lapidus procedure to lower the first metatarsal.
I am hoping that you can tell me about your recovery, how it was, how long you were non weight bearing, how long until you were in a real shoe and if you can wear high heels again! I SO miss all of my beautiful shoes - I can hardly wear a 2 inch heal with out pain now. I am scheduling surgery for this Sept. After our summer travel - I have a 3 and 5 year old and am so not looking forward to this but I am looking forward to my shoes again. I AM only doing this in hopes that I can regain flexibility in my big toe - Have you regained that?
THank you so much for any insight or advice!
Hello Everyone,

I am new on here, I actually just Googled about things to help with flexibility after bunion surgery and found this thread. I currently am 22 years old and had my bunion surgery over a year ago to be exact June 16, 2010. It went TERRIBLE. Sad thing that is a good word to use to what happened. I wanted the surgery so bad I talked to people about it and almost everyone had great experiences and actually got their other foot done. But not for me. I got a lot of complications, a lot! I think the Doctor actually is thanking god that I didn't sue. Let me tell you about my surgery. I went in feeling great about it, the doctor made me feel at ease but putting me under all was good but the instant I woke up horrible horrible pain. I went home my parents set me up with everything I needed. I had my surgery on a Wednesday and by Friday I couldn't stand the pain and actually starting crying (I am great with pain and to cry meant something was wrong) My mom was on the phone and walked in the room and saw my balling she instant hung up called the Doctor and said there was seriously something wrong with my daughter. They told her to take me to their office immediately. I told them what I was feeling I literally thought my heal was coming up thought my ankle and gone. They decided to cut off the cast which went up to just below my knee, the lady got about mid calf and the cast POPPED! it popped. They lady stopped what she was doing and looked at me and all I did was take the biggest breath I felt so relieved that pressure was finally getting released. She finished cutting it off and said that the technician that put my cast on put it one WAY WAY WAY WAY did I say WAY too tight causing all these problems. But that was just the start. It just went down hill FAST after that... short version:

I ended up getting a HUGE pressure ulcer on my foot and problems with my ankle from the cast being on too tight for barely two days. I basically had a gaping hole on the top of my foot that took months to heal. No thanks to my doctor. He didn't do anything to help it, the ulcer got infected and the doctor still didn't do anything... oh wait he prescribed me two medicines that was later I looked up for a bacteria infection which if he actually took the time to look at it it wasn't that at all... I ended up taking pictures of my foot and sending it to a wound care specialist and she FLIPPED out and immediately sent me supplies to help fix the infection and make it start healing and getting it to be smaller and smaller. She said if I have taken the medicine that my doctor gave me I would have became very sick and it would have done nothing to help my foot.

After 8 weeks on crutches I could finally try and start walking on my foot... UGH. I couldn't. I limped and limped. I would put all my focus into walking without a limp and I couldn't because it hurt everywhere. I think I could finally walk okay without people looking at me weird was around November of 2010, that's 6 months. And I still was wearing one pair of shoes, shoes that didn't have a top because it hurt every single time some thing touched it.

So December comes around I go to my doctor's again and took x-rays and said I had to get another surgery on my foot. "My Body" was rejecting the plate, 2 pins, and 1 screw that was inside my foot. So I sent up a date the Wednesday before Christmas... Christmas was two days after my surgery. This surgery went pretty smoothly. Minus the fact now it is October of 2011 in two month it will be a year from my second surgery and I still have hurting no feeling on the side of my foot.... the doctor said he damaged the nerves on the inside of my foot and he wasn't sure if that feeling will come back. Currently if you press on the top of my foot the bottom of my arch hurts and if you press the side of my arch from my toe to almost my ankle its numb.

the surgery he did was he literally broke my bone in my foot, moved it so it would be straight and fused my bone back together then he took my bunion and sawed it down... My incision is about 4-5 inches long... goes from the big toe to a little below where you bend your ankle...

I am royally screwed. But on brighter side the high heel thing I found if you put a little lotion underneath your toe you will be able to slip your foot right into any high heel....and your good to go for a little bit you have to bare through the pain.

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