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hi, i just joined just to comment on this. i'm 17 and had the surgery basically just to be able to wear cute boots and heels with out hurting and my foot even starting hurting with flip flops after awhile, but any ways i had this surgery two days before last christmas, i so regret everyday for not getting a second opinion on getting it or other options.... my doctor never told me i would not be able to bend my toe all the way and i can't AT ALL now wear boots or heels when i wear flip flops i have to wear a bandade just because it is so sensitive. but that i can deal with but i am so dissapointed and feel really depressed that i can't run any more and working out is so much harder i can't even go to prom cuz i can't wear heels and if someone step on my foot which always happens every singe time at dances, that would hurt so bad. i really hope that ya'lls aren't that difficult and that you will be able to bend your toe all the way, but i would NEVER recommend bunion surgery with a pin.
I had bunion surgery at sixteen and have a pin in my left foot. I have to have revision in both feet along with surgery to remove tailors bunions and fix hammer toes. I have worn heels for years but at this point in my life in order to squeeze my feet into the toe box area of a pair of pumps the shoe has to be so wide that it slips off of my heel. It's so incredibly uncomfortable. My big toes have begun to turn sideways so when they're squeezed into a pair of heels I'm more often than not walking on the sides of my toes.
I love beautiful shoes and I have to get dressed up for work everyday but the pain is just no longer worth it to me. I end up so frustrated and in so much pain by the end of the day. I hope to one day be able to wear a medium heel again with my suits but even if I can't I have to get my feet fixed, I can't live like this anymore. I don't understand why anyone would embark upon a surgery like this unless they were really suffering. Especially a young person. :confused:

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