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I agree w/ the icing w/ the water bottle, good shoes w/ arch support, Birkenstocks are great too if you have to wear sandles. Never go barefoot, even in the house!

One thing you might want to consider is getting a camwalker boot ordered thru the Dr. This will give your foot a break for a while. Yeah its a pain in the butt, so very awkward. I used it when I wanted to go to the mall, Kings Dominion kind of thing. Use scooters when you can like when you're at the grocery store. Just give that foot a break at all costs.

I eventually had the surgery, Planters Fasciitis Release, where they snip the tendon or whatever the one that runs on the inside of the arch that joins at the heel. Best thing I ever did. It was a heck of a surgery, couldn't walk on it for a few weeks, had to wear a surgical shoe too. Don't have anymore pain there. I do have a lower arch there now.

Good luck hope all this helps, there are good recommendations in this thread. Sometimes you can find a camwalker boot at the thrift stores or on ebay.


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