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My son had brostrum repair surgery to his right ankle 4 days ago and is recovering well in the worlds heaviest cast!!! But he also has to hav the same procedure on his left ankle one surgeon has told him to wait 3 mnths for the nxt surgery but another has told him he can hav the nxt repair in 4 wks!!!! He is due to move to the states to play football mid 2011 and is very eager to hav the surgery asap to give him the longest recovery time ...... Any advice??? Thx
THere's no way I'd have the other done in 4 weeks. First of all, NWB should be min 6 weeks, most likely 8 weeks by the time you are FWB. Plus, the stress on your other foot while you are on crutches is intense. My good foot always acts up when I'm on crutches. Also, at about the time of FWB until about 16 weeks out, is for me, the most painful time. (I';ve had Brostrom 2x) So, he may feel great now, but the second he starts walking on it he'll start to reconsider the whole Brostrom business. It gets better and at 16 weeks he will feel much better. So, I'd say he wouldn't want to put stress on a newly reconstructed ankle until at least the 16 week mark. My experience is by 5 mos post-op, he'll be feeling pretty good. It can take up to a year though, for healing.

He's still a year out from the move. I think is is reasonable to get both done in time. I just wouldn't risk messing up the new one while he's on crutches with the old. Now, if he were going to do a wheelchair, maybe, but still. It's a lot of rehab on 2 new ankles. Personally, I'd wait 4-5 mos.

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