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Good evening:
I have doctored now for 2 years for plantar fascitis in both feet. I have had cortisone injections every 3-4 months but in January, 2010, while participating in a step aerobics class, I felt a tear in my right foot and had to leave. I returned to my podiatrist who said this was the PF and was told to just continue to wear my inserts. I once again told him that I was not able to wear the insert in the right shoe because it felt like I had no arch or my foot was swollen on the bottom. About 3 weeks later, I made an appt with another podiatrist because I had suffered for 2 years with bilateral foot pain and did not feel like I was being taken serious once again. So, I went to another doctor who put me in a boot and ordered an MRI. The results came back showing inflammed fascia but no tears. I was told to continue to wear the inserts and once again informed this doctor that I could not wear the insert because of either swelling in the bottom of the foot or my arch had fallen if that was possible. I returned to her a second time stating that I could hardly walk and was miserable. I had even taken the cd of MRi to her asking her to look at it to see if the radiologist had missed something. She told me "it would be nice to have". She gave another foot exam and said she thought I had PTTD and to continue to wear the custom inserts. I was very frustrated so when I left I called a THIRD doctor and was seen in 3 days. I took the MRI to him and he said there was a tear in the PTT and that it was NOT documented in the report. He also x-rayed my foot which showed the foot turning out. Since the MRI, I had 2 weeks of horrific burning and tearing sensation which he says I have probably tore it even more since the MRI. His plan is to repair or transfer the tendon depending on the damage, lengthening the tendon in the back of the calf and a bone graft with titanium wedge. I will be NWB for 6-8 weeks, in a cast for 3 weeks and then 3 weeks in a walking boot but still NWB.

I was wondering what to expect. How painful is this? Will I ever feel like I did prior to this injury and be painfree? How long before you feel like doing anything? My children are just beginning ballgames and hate to miss very many games but didn't know if I would be able to attend games or will I not feel like doing anything? From what I see on the board----foot surgery seems to be a long recovery period.

Thanks for any input-----Patty

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