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How has your bunion returned only 5 months post-op? Have you talked to your doctor regarding this? Are you sure your doctor didn't angle your toe slightly during surgery? I had an Austion bunionectomy four months ago (and another on the left foot a week ago) on my right foot and my doctor told me he was going to angle my toe slightly because women's shoes have an angle to them. A straight toe would cause pain and issues with most shoes.

Are you having bunion pain again or are you just concerned about the appearance of your foot after surgery? Remember that the foot doesn't return to its normal state until a year out from surgery - so you might still have swelling and soreness until that time. With that said, I think it's great to find shoes that are comfortable for your feet - I know for me only being four months out of my first surgery, I still only feel comfortable in wide running shoes due to some remaining swelling and soreness as well as tenderness near the incision site.

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