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okay i am new on here and have read alot of peoples stories none of them even come close to mine and how fast they had me on my feet but anyway here goes

first of all docs who do the surgery dnt know peoples recovery time etc they are there to fix the bone etc and move onto the next person i have found they say and write what ever they need to to cover there own ass incase somthing happends, your PT is the one that knows the recovery time and what you should be doing etc and what youll be able to do there the ones who look after you

14.06.2010 - Broke both my heels whilst playing football that went to hospital that night had xray etc and put into splints str8 away was told my left heel will need surgery screws, plates etc and the right heel will go into a none removable cast for 6 weeks

i was in hospital for 10days with my feet elevated on the 11th days i went into surgery which my surgen said went perfect 2 days after surgery they had me up on a gutter zimmer frame full WB on my non surgery foot and alf WB on surgery foot which was placed into a moon boot, they then moved me onto a normal zimmer frame which was hard and painful atfirst but i can honestly say WB early really helps the bones repair sooner, (tried me on crutches but could not balance right)

it will be 6 weeks on monday and my cast comes off (hopefull) if it does this foot is going to swell and i know is still bruised because iv seen it when they changed my cast but feels great no matter how or werei push on it

The foot i had surgery feels great little bit of swelling left on the outside of the foot and back of the heel which will go down when i start walking on it more due to the calf working as a pump!! and little shocks up the outside from the nerves kicking bk in and firing up ....... scare is still heeling but going very nicley can walk modiratly ok with a slipper on the surgery foot now without a zimmer frame, obv much better with

i have also been putting barefoot on floor getting use to it again

seen the PT twice and doing general ankle and foot exercises only take painkillers at night to put me to sleep if i need.

i still taking tanzaparin injections for couple more weeks these thin your blood stop thrombosis

My PT also says he's confurdint he'll have me playing football again in 9 months i was like wow and i know this PT is no joker or lier because i had my soulder pinned last year and had got full movment in it 6-7 months later with the same PT playing football 9 months later in goal etc

i live in the uk and got my treatment on the NHS

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